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February 23rd - 25th, 2024 - DUBAI, UAE

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Secretary General's Greeting

Maya Maklad


Welcome to the American University in Dubai Model United Nations’ website. It’s my honor to invite you to enjoy AUDMUN 9.0, the ninth installment of our prestigious conference!

The AUDMUN Executive Board and Team are working tirelessly to bring you yet another amazing and memorable conference. Including our wonderful volunteers, chairs, and co-chairs, we would like to ensure that the experience that you get out of our conference, as delegates and faculty advisors, is worth your time and will stick with you for the rest of your MUN experiences after. The whole team enjoys what we do, and we want you to enjoy this ...



Maya Maklad

Maya is a Syrian student who was born and raised in Dubai. She is a Junior majoring in Business Marketing. She aspires to become a Corporate Lawyer in the future. In her free time, she enjoys socializing, reading, and baking. One of her favorite things to do is debate, which helped initiate her MUN journey. Her first MUN experience began in early 2019. Maya moved from being a delegate to becoming a chair, to hosting two MUN conferences as Secretary-General in High School, within a few conferences. She joined the AUDMUN team in her first year of university to spread the knowledge she has learned during her experiences to other delegates and interested members. She believes that MUN is not only a place to learn about modern-day global issues and politics, but it is also a remarkable platform to improve your public speaking skills, grow your network, and make lifelong friends. Maya hopes to make AUDMUN a once-in-a-lifetime experience for others, just as it is for her.

Alaa Arnaout
Deputy Secretary-General

Alaa Arnaout, a Lebanese junior majoring in Psychology at the American University in Dubai, began her MUN journey in high school. She initially trained as a delegate but soon took on the role as the chair of her high school's MUN club, mentoring its members. Alaa also chaired The Arab League Committee during AUDMUN 7.0, served in the event department during AUDMUN 8.0, and now holds the position of Deputy Secretary General at AUDMUN 9.0. She is deeply passionate about conferences and event organization and hopes to provide an enjoyable and skill-enhancing experience for the attendees.

Muzoon Al Qubaisi
USG of Committees & Research

Muzoon is an Emirati junior majoring in International Studies in AUD. She has been interested in and participating in MUNs since high school. MUNs have always been an enjoyable and informative experience for her and aided in enhancing many crucial skills such as public speaking, confidence, and general knowledge. Muzoon is looking forward to helping create a fun conference and atmosphere for AUDMUN.

Serena Zahir
USG of Committees & Research


Shahad Al Majali
Director of Committees & Research

Shahad Al Majali is a Jordanian freshman studying in the field of International Relations. From an early age, Shahad's fascination with the intricacies of global politics and world affairs has been a defining aspect of her life. Her journey with Model United Nations started in the 10th grade when she started as a delegate. Shahad is excited to transition from being a delegate to working behind the scenes, where she looks forward to contributing her knowledge, insights, and skills to shape meaningful and impactful MUN experiences for others.

Talal Al Badreen
Director of Committees & Research


Leyan Eid
Director of Committees & Research


Sanarya AlHadethi
USG of Design

Sanarya is an Iraqi Kurdish junior majoring in Psychology at AUD, who’s been involved in MUN since her junior year in high school but has always had a burning passion for it ever since middle school. Although MUN is so different than psychology, she’s always found a passion for politics ever since she’s been in school. She loves holding debates amongst people as well as partaking in them. Delegating at different MUN and MC conferences has been a remarkable and exceptional experience for her. Not only has attending them helped her augment her strong debating skills and build her resilient character, but they also helped develop her self-reliant and confident personality.

Maryam Ourabi
Director of Design

Maryam is a driven first-year finance student with a clear ambition to establish her own bank someday. Her passion for the intricate world of finance has been a guiding force since her early years. During her senior year in high school, she actively participated in Model United Nations (MUN), where she honed her analytical abilities and developed a profound understanding of global financial systems and their interdependencies. This experience not only fueled her interest in the dynamics of international markets but also instilled in her a sense of diplomacy and strategic thinking that she hopes to apply in her future entrepreneurial ventures.

Divyanshi Chhatwani
Director of Design

Divyanshi is a studio artist student. She enjoys hearing out ideas and volunteering when provided with an opportunity. She joined MUN in order to explore the community and gain experience. Being a curious being, she wants to know every single factor that goes into making a conference successful. As an open-minded person and creative thinker, she welcomes a variety of perspectives and views without any judgment. She hopes for every member of the community to be able to speak their minds with comfort. S

Jad Merhi
USG of Finance

Jad Merhi is a Lebanese sophomore majoring in digital production and storytelling and minoring in visual communications at the American University in Dubai. Jad started his political and public speaking interests in high school. That’s when he decided to join the school’s MUN club. This passion grew with him over the years and when he entered AUD, he joined the executive board team starting as a delegate trainer and now being part of the conference event organizers. Jad is extremely passionate about what he does and presents a lot of leadership skills when needed. Jad hopes to continue being part of the executive board, working side by side with an amazing team to ensure the best experience for everyone attending AUD MUN’s conferences. Hoping to inspire the youth to create their own legacies as we all did.

Ibrahim El Doukhei
USG of Communications

Ibrahim El Doukhei is a Lebanese sophomore majoring in digital production and storytelling at the American University in Dubai. This year, he began his career as a member of the Executive Board in the Media Branch since he genuinely loves taking pictures and communicating with people. Moving on, Ibrahim first participated in MUN in middle school. Although he never served as chair, Ibrahim was constantly involved in conferences as a volunteer or a delegate. He thinks his abilities in public speaking, communication, and leadership will be useful at the conference. He really hopes that his abilities and ability to work both alone and as part of a team will help to make this year's AUDMUN a memorable one.

Reem Shbeeb
Director of Communications


Anusha Solanki
Director of Communications

Anusha is a Senior year student at AUD pursuing BBA in Marketing and working in luxury PR. She is interested in data analytics and artificial intelligence. Anusha enjoys coding in her free time and finding ways to combine marketing and analytics. 

Adam Makarem
USG of Events

I'm Adam Makarem, and it brings me great pleasure to hold the position of Head of Events at the MUN Events Department. Allow me to take you on a journey to discover my passion, and the story behind my role in shaping memorable experiences.

During my time as a psychology major, I unexpectedly stumbled upon the world of Model United Nations (MUN). This captivating realm instantly piqued my curiosity, fueling a deep desire to understand human behavior while exploring my love for event planning.

Day after day, my fascination with organizing remarkable occasions grew. It was through MUN events that I found a way to combine my passion for psychology with the art of effective event management.

Immersing myself in the dynamic MUN landscape, attending remarkable conferences, and connecting with individuals from diverse backgrounds became pivotal moments of personal and professional growth. These experiences made me realize the immense potential of MUN events to showcase the very best of humanity — fostering collaboration, providing a platform for passionate discussions, and celebrating the kaleidoscope of perspectives that exist within our global community.

As the Head of Events, my main goal is to ensure the resounding success of each endeavor led by our visionary team. Together, we meticulously craft seamless gatherings that captivate participants and inspire personal growth.

Beyond the world of MUN, my dedication to academic exploration remains unwavering. My ongoing pursuit of knowledge in psychology allows me to infuse the core principles of human behavior into the fabric of event planning, transcending boundaries and creating an impactful experience for every attendee.

Come join me on this extraordinary journey of discovery, connectivity, and personal enlightenment through the power of MUN events. Let's seize the opportunity to create cherished memories, forge lasting connections, and redefine what's possible, together.

Rashed Amiri
Director of Events

Rashed Amiri, an Emirati majoring in psychology at the American University of Dubai, Rashed is the director of events for AUDMUN this year and he is very dedicated about his role. He loves doing big events and being in charge of certain things. He is very passionate and will do anything to succeed with that being said focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.

Elianore Hammoud
Director of Events

Elianore Hammoud is a 3rd-year psychology student and an athlete on the AUD soccer team. She joined MUN because of her love for planning events and the process of working on and building a project over time. She is a part of the Department of Events and cannot wait to bring our vision for the AUD MUN 9.0 to life!

Tony Butrus
Director of Events

Tony is a Syrian senior Biology student at the American University in Dubai. Tony has always seen students participating in MUN since high school but has never understood it fully, he never wanted to delve into the politics and of it. However, since he joined AUD, he was introduced to it again, and found out that he can be a part of MUN while doing what he liked, organizing and planning events. Tony developed an interest and passion for being part of big events, so he decided to take this opportunity and be in the AUDMUN team in his last year of university. Another reason he joined was to get the experience and see what happens in the background to make these events possible.

Nai Aridi
Director of Events

Nai is a student at the American University in Dubai, majoring in Digital Production & Storytelling. With valuable Model United Nations (MUN) experiences, she is excited to assist you in achieving the best MUN experience possible.

Rose Hodefa
Director of Events