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March 17th - 19th, 2023 - DUBAI, UAE

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Secretary General's Greeting

Maya Maklad


Welcome to the American University in Dubai Model United Nations’ website. It’s my honor to invite you to enjoy AUDMUN 8.0, the eigth installment of our prestigious conference!

The AUDMUN Executive Board and Team are working tirelessly to bring you yet another amazing and memorable conference. Including our wonderful volunteers, chairs, and co-chairs, we would like to ensure that the experience that you get out of our conference, as delegates and faculty advisors, is worth your time and will stick with you for the rest of your MUN experiences after. The whole team enjoys what we do, and we want you to enjoy this ...



Maya Maklad


Ali Amin Kuruk├ži
DSG & USG of Committees

Ali is a proud Iraqi based in Dubai, currently majoring in Film & Politics at AUD. He has come a long way to contribute to the MUN community by being part of the AUDMUN executive board. With a strong passion and understanding for the functions of global issues and socio-political matters, he hopes that it would translate seamlessly into the conference. His MUN experience started back in 2017 when he decided to partake in his school’s MUN club. This quickly turned into a passion in which he attended every major conference in the UAE since then. He was a key leader amongst his school’s MUN club peers in which he happily took to guiding them throughout their delegation experiences. And when he is not meddling with university work, he is most likely to slave away to expand his aspiring career as a Film Producer and a part time Academic. Ali genuinely hopes him and his team in the Department of Committees and Chairs will bring productive and fruitful debates and will hopefully leave everyone feeling bittersweet by the end of the conference.

Ibrahim Emara
Director of Committees

Ibrahim is an Egyptian senior student majoring in International Relations. Having grown up through a revolution and coup d'état as a youth, these seminal experiences sparked a life-long interest in politics and how it intersects with society to shape the world we live in. This led to him joining the team ahead of the AUDMUN 7.0 conference, where he hopes to be a true team player and help the Department of Committees carry out its role to a tee. Beyond the classroom, his passions include playing/watching basketball, reading, and vehemently arguing that, yes, Ross and Rachel were on a break.


Rahaf Al Khadem
Director of Committees

Rahaf is a Junior International Relations Student in AUD with a particular interest in political social theory research. She is usually found chatting with her friends, enjoying a good show, or reading up on the latest news. She never got to experience MUN as an attendee, but she always wanted to help behind the scenes because that's where she's at her best. When it comes to working, she usually enjoys listening to what others have for ideas and attempting to help them come true. She mainly joined MUN so she can help make the event more fun for those attending but also have important issues about the current world reach those of her generation.


Lujain Ammar
USG of External Relations

Lujain Ammar is a Palestinian-Jordanian Junior student majoring in Journalism at the American University in Dubai, proudly taking the role of the Under Secretary-General of External and Internal Affairs for AUDMUN 7.0. As someone who has participated in various competitions in the past, including public speaking and entrepreneurship competitions, Lujain realizes how much effort is put in both competing and organizing them. Due to that, Lujain is an optimistic, hardworking person who puts her maximum effort to achieve her goals, no matter what obstacles get in her way. She also enjoys meeting new people and gaining new experiences day by day. Despite not having any prior information about MUN, Lujain was convinced to volunteer by a friend, and through volunteering, she realized how remarkable of a conference it is, especially in its desire in enhancing debating and communication skills, as she loves to debate. As an Under Secretary-General of External and Internal Affairs, Lujain wants to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied throughout this conference, to have as great of an experience as she did in previous conferences.

Sarah Abdallah
Director of External Relations

Sarah Abdalla is a Palestinian-Syrian junior studying psychology at the American University in Dubai. For this year, Sarah is the Director for Internal and External Affairs for AUDMUN 7.0. As someone that has previously been a delegate in the MUN, Sarah saw how much effort is put into making each conference the best thus she will proudly take the role in making the upcoming one perfect in every way possible. Sarah enjoys reading in her free time and binging shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Criminal Minds. She is a very bubbly person and would love to have a chat with anyone that comes her way, moreover, she is ecstatic to meet all of the delegates at this upcoming conference. As a person that thinks outside of the box, she promises that alongside the rest of the team she will create a memorable experience to every single participant. Being part of AUDMUN 7.0, Sarah knows that this is a huge achievement, and she will forever remember and cherish this opportunity given to her.

Kassymzhomart Assangaziyev
USG of Finance

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, Kassymzhomart is a junior student at the American University in Dubai. He is fueled by his passion for learning and experiencing new things. Majoring in economics, he is very interested in the AUDMUN, as he believes that such organizations may change the world in the future. Kassymzhomart tries to constantly improve himself by engaging in various activities like swimming and grappling. Kassymzhomart is a saxophone player, therefore he devotes most of his free time to practicing the instrument and as well as reading books. He hopes to contribute to the team by applying his knowledge and determination.


Heba Al Hamarna
USG of Events

Heba is currently the Under Secretary-General of events in the MUN team. She studies journalism in AUD and is passionate about reporting what matters. She is a natural-born leader and is a perfectionist in her work. She is very supportive and always tries to get the best out of people; that's why she forced her friends to join the MUN team with her to get them out of their comfort zones. She's a social butterfly who gets along easily with people because of her unique sense of humor. Heba sees potential in everything and always sets her mind to achieving that potential. She brings comfort to people around her and is always there for anyone and everyone. Attending MUN for 2 consecutive years and reminiscing on those conferences made her want every MUN social night to be the best memory for every delegate.


Yara Al Wawi
Director of Events

Yara is a digital production and story telling major in AUD. She enjoys the occasional Godfather trilogy and doesn’t mind a Ghostbuster or two.  She is very artistic and believes in the power of DIYs. Yara was forced to volunteer for MUN by a friend but found herself enjoying the organizing and managing as it fed the perfectionist and control freak in her. She has crazy ideas for MUN’s social night and hopes to recreate them in the best way possible. She’s the girl to go to when you have to ask yourself the question “who you gonna call?”


Larissa Farhat
Director of Events

Larissa is a Lebanese senior Marketing student at the American University in Dubai. She first volunteered at the AUDMUN 5.0 conference and got an insight on how all the hard work and efforts are eventually implemented throughout a very memorable conference. She wants to challenge her creativity and introduce new ideas to the team through her position as the Director of Events. One of her goals as a part this team is to ensure that every person that was a part of the experience is recognized and acknowledged for their immense input in making this conference a continuous success.

Divyanshi Chhatwani
Director of Events

Divyanshi is a studio artist student and part of The Events Team. She enjoys hearing out ideas and volunteering when provided with an opportunity. She joined MUN in order to explore the community and gain experience. Being a curious being, she wants to know every single factor that goes into making a conference successful. As an open minder and creative thinker welcomes a variety of perspectives and views without any judgement. She hopes for every member of the community to be able to speak out their minds with comfort. She wishes you good luck and hopes you have a fun experience with what is planned ahead.