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March 17th - 19th, 2023 - DUBAI, UAE

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Secretary General's Greeting

Maya Maklad


Welcome to the American University in Dubai Model United Nations’ website. It’s my honor to invite you to enjoy AUDMUN 8.0, the eigth installment of our prestigious conference!

The AUDMUN Executive Board and Team are working tirelessly to bring you yet another amazing and memorable conference. Including our wonderful volunteers, chairs, and co-chairs, we would like to ensure that the experience that you get out of our conference, as delegates and faculty advisors, is worth your time and will stick with you for the rest of your MUN experiences after. The whole team enjoys what we do, and we want you to enjoy this ...



Maya Maklad

Maya is a Syrian student who was born and raised in Dubai. She is a Sophomore majoring in Business Management. She aspires to become a Corporate Lawyer in the future. In her free time, she enjoys socializing, reading, and baking. One of her favorite things to do is debate, which helped initiate her MUN journey. Her first MUN experience began in early 2019. Maya moved from being a delegate to becoming a chair, to hosting two MUN conferences as Secretary-General in High School, within a few conferences. She joined the AUDMUN team in her first year of university to spread the knowledge she has learned during her experiences to other delegates and interested members. She believes that MUN is not only a place to learn about modern-day global issues and politics, but it is also a remarkable platform to improve your public speaking skills, grow your network, and make lifelong friends. Maya hopes to make AUDMUN a once-in-a-lifetime experience for others, just as it is for her.

Ali Amin Kuruk├ži
Deputy Secretary-General

Ali is a proud Iraqi based in Dubai, currently majoring in Film & Politics at AUD. He has come a long way to contribute to the MUN community by being part of the AUDMUN executive board. With a strong passion and understanding for the functions of global issues and socio-political matters, he hopes that it would translate seamlessly into the conference. His MUN experience started back in 2017 when he decided to partake in his school’s MUN club. This quickly turned into a passion in which he attended every major conference in the UAE since then. He was a key leader amongst his school’s MUN club peers in which he happily took to guiding them throughout their delegation experiences. And when he is not meddling with university work, he is most likely to slave away to expand his aspiring career as a Film Producer and a part time Academic. Ali genuinely hopes him and his team in the Department of Committees and Chairs will bring productive and fruitful debates and will hopefully leave everyone feeling bittersweet by the end of the conference.

Rahaf Al Khadem
USG of Committees

Rahaf is a Senior International Relations Student in AUD with a particular interest in political social theory research. She is usually found chatting with her friends or enjoying a good show. She never got to experience MUN as an attendee, but she always wanted to help behind the scenes because that's where she's at her best. When it comes to working, she usually enjoys listening to what others have for ideas and attempting to help them come true. She mainly joined MUN so she can help make the event more instructive for those attending, and after tackling her first year, she's ready to do it again.

Serena Zahir
Director of Committees

Serena is a sophomore, pursuing international relations at AUD. She is particularly fascinated with comparative politics and the history behind how different cultures develop and interact with each other. She is an enthusiastic learner and enjoys engaging in conversations about anything ranging from global affairs to pop culture. A lively personality, Serena is always open to listening to new perspectives and is not afraid to give her honest input. She is excited to be a part of AUDMUN and is looking forward to encouraging productive debate and conversation.

Siba Narsh
Director of Committees

Siba is a Syrian aspiring journalist; a junior in MBRSC. She has been involved in MUN ever since 10th grade, which speaks about how she holds MUN with gratitude and interest. She enjoyed her days as a delegate, moderator, and now the Director of Committees in AUDMUN this year. She can’t wait to see it all happen this year and to welcome all of you guys abroad!

Yasmeen Saleh
Director of Committees

Yasmeen is a sophomore pursuing Journalism at AUD. She is excited to create a fruitful and productive conference.

Youssef Adel Mahfouz
USG of Finance

Youssef Mahfouz is a second-year Egyptian student majoring in marketing. Politics and Economics have always been essential topics for him since he started as a delegate in 2016. Since he set foot in Dubai, AUDMUN has been on the list of his achievements. Beginning in the department of committees has been a very unexpected upgrade. Youssef is goal-oriented, which is why he decided to become the USG of finance of AUDMUN. Perfect position for him to be the goal-oriented person he is.

Ibrahim El Doukhei
USG of Media

Ibrahim El Doukhei is a Lebanese sophomore majoring in digital production and storytelling at the American University in Dubai. This year, he began his career as a member of the Executive Board in the Media Branch since he genuinely loves taking pictures and communicating with people. Moving on, Ibrahim first participated in MUN in middle school. Although he never served as chair, Ibrahim was constantly involved in conferences as a volunteer or a delegate. He thinks his abilities in public speaking, communication, and leadership will be useful at the conference. He really hopes that his abilities and ability to work both alone and as part of a team will help to make this year's AUDMUN a memorable one.

Sandra Okla
Director of Media

Sandra is a first-year International Relations student at AUD. She is looking forward to giving everyone a closer look at the conference and making it a memorable one. 

Sanarya AlHadethi
USG of Events

Sanarya is an Iraqi Kurdish sophomore majoring in Psychology at AUD, who’s been involved in MUN since her junior year in high school but has always had a burning passion for it ever since middle school. Although MUN is so different than psychology, she’s always found a passion for politics ever since she’s been in school. She loves holding debates amongst people as well as partaking in them. Delegating at different MUN and MC conferences has been a remarkable and exceptional experience for her. Not only has attending them helped her augment her strong debating skills and build her resilient character, but they also helped develop her self-reliant and confident personality.

Alaa Arnaout
Director of Events

Alaa Arnaout is a Lebanese sophomore Psychology student at the American University in Dubai. She started her MUN journey in high school. She was a delegate in training at first, but later on chaired her high school’s MUN club and joyfully mentored its members throughout their MUN journey. She also chaired The Arab League Committee for AUDMUN 7.0. Alaa loves reading and painting (just for fun!) during her free time. Alaa is very ambitious when it comes to organizing events, which encouraged her to take part in AUDMUN. Alaa hopes that the delegates will enjoy and benefit from taking part in this year’s conference, as these conferences not only assist in improving essential skills, but they are also very entertaining.

Divyanshi Chhatwani
Director of Events

Divyanshi is an Indian studio art student. She enjoys hearing out ideas and volunteering when provided with an opportunity. She joined MUN in order to explore the community and gain experience. Being a curious being, she wants to know every single factor that goes into making a conference successful. As an open-minded and creative thinker, she welcomes a variety of perspectives and views without any judgment. She hopes for every member of the community to be able to speak their mind with comfort. She wishes you good luck and hopes you have a fun experience with what is planned ahead.

Jad Merhi
Director of Events

Jad Merhi is a Lebanese sophomore majoring in digital production and storytelling and minoring in visual communications at the American University in Dubai. Jad started his political and public speaking interests in high school. That’s when he decided to join the school’s MUN club. This passion grew with him over the years and when he entered AUD, he joined the executive board team starting as a delegate trainer and now being part of the conference event organizers. Jad is extremely passionate about what he does, and presents a lot of leadership skills when needed. Jad hopes to continue being part of the executive board, working side by side with an amazing team to ensure the best experience for everyone attending AUD MUN’s conferences. Hoping to inspire the youth into creating their own legacies as we all did.