About the AUD Model United Nations

AUD Model United Nations, AUDMUN, was founded in 2009 by a small group of AUD students who were passionate about the Model United Nations. Staff members from the AUD External Relations department helped assisting these students by improving the basic foundation of the club. Since then, AUDMUN members has hosted, attended, and created different conferences and congresses.

AUD Model United Nations (AUDMUN) consists of a diverse range of students from many different fields such as Engineering, International Relations, Business, and Media which are not necessarily connected to MUN, Foreign Policy, or Politics. The reason these students’ members have joined AUDMUN is for the experience and knowledge that they gain by debating, listening, and solving global problems by forming resolution.

The members of the AUDMUN club have gained a wealth of experience from attending international MUN conferences hosted by different universities such as UC Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, University of British Columbia, University of Nottingham and more. AUDMUN members has had the pleasure of attending many regional conferences such as the American University of Sharjah Model United Nations (AUSMUN). AUDMUN is also the only partner to Harvard Model Congress Dubai (HMCD) in the Middle East.

Although our AUDMUN members are proud to have attended and hosted these conferences, the biggest achievement of the organization was creating the AUDMUN Conference in October 2015. The idea started out in 2014 when the officers of AUDMUN agreed that they were capable of hosting their own conference. Since then, AUDMUN has been working on new projects to evolve into a well-known regional club that reflects a real UN experience.