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Historical Crisis Committee (HCC)

This committee is focused on historical events within the 20th century that caused major global or regional upheaval. The goal of this body is to solve and manage these crises within the historical context they took place in. Delegates will have to work with the assets available at the time but will have to be innovative in how they apply them.


1. Cuban Missile Crisis 
2. Iran Hostage Crisis 

Download the Background Guide here.

About the Chairs

Rand Rabadi

Rand is a Netflix binger, passionate writer and a graduate from Al Mawakeb School (Garhoud) who is thrilled to meet you all. Her MUN journey began back in 9th grade where AUDMUN was her first-ever conference, so she is glad to return this year as a moderator. She believes that MUN gives a great insight into today’s world, even if you’re not interested; you might find yourself heated up during debate. She understands the feeling of being a delegate well and thus will always be available if you have any questions or concerns so don’t hesitate to ask! Lastly, Rand would like you to keep one thing in mind during your research and debate period: Aim for progress, not perfection. And most importantly, every MUN experience is different and unique, so make sure you enjoy your time!

Ghofrane Lahib

Ghofrane Lahib is a graduate from Al Ma’arifa International School in her freshman year as an English major. Her experience with MUN started in the 11th grade, where she partook as a delegate in MUN conferences and her school’s biweekly MUN club and gained immense motivation from the unique environment that they provided her. She then had her first chairing experience in her senior year of high school, which inspired her to chair again. This year, she cannot wait to bring out the very best in the delegates that enter the committee, and hopes that they leave with an affirmed sense of confidence and enlightenment. Other than MUN, Ghofrane also enjoys looking into conspiracy theories, listening to music, and penning novels and poetry.

Krista Fidelia Fernandez

Krista Fidelia is a passionate debater and an avid reader. Almost four years ago when she went for her first MUN conference she thought it was all so daunting but after having gone for multiple conferences since then, she has developed the love for MUNs and the sense of empowerment and importance it gives you. MUNs have taught her the importance of being aware of the issues taking place in the world and she feels that it's our responsibility to speak up for those who are being silenced. She believes that the current youth is capable of achieving great feats and must not shy away from speaking up for what they believe in and that MUNs serves as a great platform for this. As an aspiring surgeon she hopes to one day help save lives and inspire people to push themselves to fully reach their potentials.