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Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)

This committee aims to accelerate economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region. It promotes regional peace and stability in the relationships among the countries of the region. It is built on the principles of mutual respect for independence and territorial integrity. It discusses all topics related to the nations of Southeast Asia.


1. The Impact of the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic on Asian Markets
2. The Issue of Minimum Wages in Southeast Asia

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About the Chairs

Jisha Goyal

Greetings delegates, Jisha Goyal, is a sophomore at Uptown International School, Dubai, and she welcomes everyone to AUDMUN, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, with immense pleasure. Her MUN journey started when she was 12, and in these four years, she has been anxious, scared, confident, practical, innovative, and, most of all, thrilled to see the ones before her. Model United Nations for her is an opportunity to understand and discuss international issues. It is about knowing the different perspectives of other delegates and nations. It provides an opportunity to enhance leadership, networking, and interpersonal skills.

After numerous conferences, she can assure all that this platform can help the world combat any problem under the sun. She is looking forward to greeting everyone in the best possible means and expect all delegates to perform to the best of their ability. Now, it might be someone's first time or 108th time; the dais will be here waiting to listen to all innovative ideas and help all in the learning process. A tip from the Dias: delegates don't need to be experienced to write a powerful resolution or win an award, they need to be a dedicated and passionate one!

She is looking forward to meeting everyone at AUDMUN'20, Ciao!

Thenura Vichakshana Samararatne

Thenura, a Sri Lankan national born and raised in Dubai, is a 16-year-old business enthusiast, cricket fan and aspiring Politician/Cricketer. He loves surfing the internet, binge-watching shows, listening to music, and escaping the Gulag. Since 2017, he has taken part in 7 MUNs but his love for debates and Public Speaking goes even longer having completed all grades in Trinity College London school of Communication Skills. He believes that MUNs are a platform for young individuals to gain a wider understanding of the modern world and how these issues affect our lives. MUNs have helped Thenura develop many of his skills like listening and communicating and has made him a borderline controversial speaker/debater. Honoured to be chairing for the first time at AUDMUN, he hopes to see fierce debates, heated conflicts, great banter but most importantly, everyone enjoying themselves. Finally, Thenura has one piece of advice: Never be nervous to speak up because anything you say can impacts a debate. He wishes all the delegates the very best during their preparations for the conference and hopes that the experience will be a rewarding one as well.