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World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization is a specialized organ of the United Nations and its primary role is to direct and coordinate international health within the UN system. The Organization actively collaborates with states, civil society organizations, and the private sector in order to attain health objectives by supporting national health policies and strategies. The Organization also works towards creating sound international public health policies. Thus, this committee will handle issues and admit resolutions that aim to combat diseases.


1. The Response to the Novel Coronavirus
2. Regulations to Combat Increasing Antibiotic Resistance

About the Chairs

Hind Alhalyan

Hind Alhalyan, born in the UAE, is a 3rd year medical student at Dubai Medical University. She started her MUN journey as a delegate in 2016 and then went on to chair multiple conferences including AUSMUN 2018-2020, AUSMC 2018-2019 and AUDMUN 2018. She believes that MUN is a unique platform which encourages public speaking and demonstrates the importance of diligence and research. Hind wishes all of you the best of luck and can’t wait to meet you at the conference.

Nour Al Khateeb

Nour Al Khateeb, a sophomore at the university of Sharjah that studies graphic design and multimedia, and even though what she chose to pursue for her career is not in any way related to what she has learnt from MUN, she has still found herself in these conferences, from the debates to people she met during them. AUDMUN 2020 will be her 6th conference to moderate and she is very excited to meet the delegates and not only help them better their debating skills but to also learn from them !

Ashish Ganapathy

Your Co Chair for the World Health Organization is Ashish Ganapathy, a student of Grade 12 from Dubai, UAE! Whether you are a first timer or a veteran, this conference seeks to offer you a well-rounded platform to give your country a voice and represent its policies. So, focus on researching thoroughly, utilizing the mandate effectively, formulating comprehensive resolutions, and success will surely be headed your way! Don't worry about winning an award because it is the experience that counts, the award is just a bonus. For a first timer, a good, memorable experience, can spark your love for MUNs. He strives to be the chair whom he would want in his committee. He, along with the rest of the dais, hopes to make AUDMUN ‘20 the best you’ve been to yet!