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Arab League

The Arab League, or League of Arab States, is a loose confederation of twenty-two Arab nations whose broad mission is to improve coordination among its members on matters of common interest. The League engages in close cooperation on matters of security, economics, communication, culture, nationality, social welfare, and health.


1. The Impacts of Longstanding Foreign Influences in the Middle East and North Africa
2. The Involvement of Women in Politics and Government

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About the Chairs

Jayathma Devdhini Thenuwara Gamage

Jayathma Gamage is a third-year student at the University of Wollongong in Dubai studying Computer Science, hoping to major in Cyber Security. With a keen interest towards world politics and debating, she has been in the field of MUNs for the past 5 years starting from high school continuing through university and strongly believe that MUNs provide a great platform to inspire the youth of today. Avid reader, dog lover, pianist and an aspiring baker are the words that best describe her. Having attended AUDMUN as a delegate for the past few years, Jayathma is delighted to be back this year as a chair and is hoping that this will be a memorable and a wonderful MUN experience for her as well as the delegates.

Maab ElSheikh

Maab is a Sudanese Junior studying at the American University in Dubai. She is an Electrical Engineering student who likes to speak her mind and look at life from different perspectives. If not drowned by engineering work, she usually spends her time competing in a basketball tournament, drawing a realistic portrait, or having a random deep conversation with someone. Maab’s MUN story started with volunteering in AUDMUN 4.0, and it continued till she became Chief of Staff of AUDMUN 5.0. Now she wants to experience this conference that is so close to her heart from a different point of view! As a chair, she will make sure the delegates leave the conference with great memories, a friend for life, and an experience that will let them flourish to the great debaters they are bound to be. She hopes to create a fun, challenging, and competitive atmosphere in the committee, and she cannot wait to see what this conference has in store for everyone!

Saif Al Khatib

Saif is a junior at Al Mawakeb School Al Barsha. At a young age, Saif discovered a hungry appetite for public speaking, and discussing political topics. He channeled this hunger by joining his school’s MUN club.  Saif has attended a copious amount of conferences as a delegate, and is now exploring the role of Moderator. He is ecstatic to meet every each and one of you, and hopes to witness an excellent debate.