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United Nations Office on Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA)

The United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs serves as the secretariat for the General Assembly's only committee dealing exclusively with international cooperation in the peaceful uses of outer space: the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space (COPUOS). UNOOSA works to promote international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space, and in the utilization of space science and technology for sustainable economic and social development. The Office assists any UN Member State to establish legal and regulatory frameworks to govern space activities and strengthens the capacity of developing countries to use space science technology and applications for development by helping to integrate space capabilities into national development programs.


1. The Weaponization of Space
2. NASA's Lunar Outpost and its Impact on Human Presence in Deep Space

About the Chairs

Sahil Kaul

Greetings delegates, EB members and STOFF officers, Sahil Kaul will be serving as the moderator of UNOOSA at AUDMUN’20. Model UN plays a very special role his life, it's where he learned to be a better orator, diplomat and most importantly a leader. He believes that Model UN gives the youth a platform to learn and practice the art of diplomacy. So he cordially invites all delegates of experience ranging from "chair I wrote a research report for you" to "whats foreign policy? " to AUDMUN20 where we will be debating on crucial geopolitical agendas from the weaponization of space to NASA's Lunar Outpost and its impact on human presence in deep space. He looks forward to witnessing unprecedented debates on resolutions and equally unparalleled rebuttals.

Aya Naccache

Aya Naccache is a senior at Al Mawakeb School Al Barsha. She enjoys many different activities in which include horse riding, volleyball, and most importantly MUN. In the 1010 grade, she joined the MUN club hoping to gain some experience and meet new people. After attending her first conference, she realized that it felt very natural to be in an environment in which delegates get to voice their countries’ point of view in a very controlled and respectful manner. She is looking forward to this year’s AUDMUN conference and wishes that the delegates will have a good time and engage in a fruitful debate.