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Press Corps

The Press Corps committee is unique among the various sessions at MUN. Here delegates will perform the role of journalists working for a variety of international news agencies from BBC to the Nigerian Tribune. The main focus here will be on accurate and unbiased reporting on the various events taking place in each MUN committee. Delegates/Reporters will be tasked with writing articles, news updates, and acting as photographers during sessions. This committee will focus on proactive journalism with a strong eye for detail and commitment to accuracy.

About the Chairs

Minat Allah Alhusami

Mina is a passionate junior in Al Mawakeb Al Barsha, striving to go down the path of medicine in the future. In her sophomore year, she joined her school’s MUN club, hoping to improve her public speaking skills and overall political knowledge, and she quickly fell in love with the rush of adrenaline she got in the midst of a heated debate. Fast forward a year or so, she has delegated at six conferences and counting, and she certainly does not plan on slowing down. Mina is beyond excited to experience MUN through a chair’s eyes, and looks forward to meeting you all!

Kinda Abdulmouti

Kinda is currently an 11th grader at Gems Wesgreen International School. In her free time, she enjoys watching shows, drawing, and playing sports. She started MUN in grade 8 and it has certainly been a life-changing event for her as she was a shy and introverted kid growing up but attending MUN conferences has encouraged her to face her fears and has made her less introverted. MUN is an event that brings out the best in people it encourages to work in a team and come up with creative solutions to solve global issues. Kinda has attended many MUN’s and is looking forward to chairing this year’s press corps committee.