Youssef Aboutaleb

Secretary General

Youssef is a third year Accounting student at the American University in Dubai. Youssef's infatuation with MUN started with him volunteering at AUDMUN 2.0 in 2016. He later became the Director of Logistics for AUDMUN and is now their Secretary General. He believes that MUN is a great means for shining light on important happenings in the world and bringing attention to matters that may otherwise be neglected. Youssef's interests include politics, law, diplomacy, and he is an avid advocate of chicken nuggets.


Leher Dewani

Deputy Secretary General

Leher was born in Dubai and is a sophomore here at AUD majoring in Finance and Economics. She has traveled and lived in so many places which is why she can effectively communicate with people from all over the world. Her goal is to become successful in the field of finance. However, she is highly passionate and interested in debating about world affairs. She loves organizing, socializing and debating. Her MUN journey started from high school. She has participated as a delegate in different conferences such as HMUN, was a moderator for the DISEC committee at the AUDMUN 2016 and a part of AUD’s organizing committee for the Harvard Model Congress Dubai (HMCD). Volunteering at various events around the globe has always been her go to in order to gain experience. She is currently the Vice- President of AUDMUN 2018.


Yasmine Naccache

Chief of Staff

Yasmine is Lebanese living in Dubai and majoring in Journalism at the American University in Dubai. Her first encounter with Model United Nations was in high school when she participated in the 2016 Harvard Model Congress Dubai. Since then, she has participated in a few more MUN conferences and cherishes the experiences and insights she has gained from each conference. She also chaired the European Union Committee during the very first AMSIMUN. Currently, she is part of the AUDMUN team as the Chief of Staff. Through her work as Chief of Staff, she hopes to deliver the utmost interesting and thought-provoking topics for you to debate during the upcoming AUDMUN conference!


Rohan Healy

Deputy Chief of Staff

Rohan, born and raised in South Africa has lived in Dubai for the past 10 years. He is currently in his third year as a student of AUD’s International Studies Degree. Having Chaired in two AUD MUN’s and volunteering at the HMCD in 2017 he grew fond of the environment he found himself in. As his degree covers many aspects of MUN he felt it was necessary for him to utilise such skills in the controlled setting MUN provides. As Deputy Chief of Staff, he understands that it his duty to make sure both Chairs and delegates alike have the smoothest and best experience possible. Outgoing and a team player he seeks to bring a good work ethic and light hearted atmosphere to any project he is involved in.


Zainab Al Maliki

Director of Public Relations

Zainab is an Iraqi 17 year old who was born and raised in the UAE. Her first involvement in MUN was in high school where she headed the MUN club and trained it's members. She participated in several conferences, chaired in AUSMUN'17, and organized AMSIMUN'17. Now, she is the Director of Public Relations for AUDMUN'18. She believes that MUN is a great opportunity to further educate one's self and to interact among different people with diverse perspectives and opinions on global matters, as it is each person's responsibility to be aware of all that goes around the world and help steer the world to a brighter future.


Areej Ahmad

Director of Finance

Areej is a Pakistani who has lived in the UAE for about 12 years. She is a sophomore majoring in Economics and is very passionate about the world's economic affairs. Her first interaction with MUN was as a volunteer and moderator in AUDMUN 2017, and her experience made her passionate about it. She loves working with number and figures and is currently Director of Finance of AUDMUN 2018.


Jude Yasin

Event Planner

Jude is a senior majoring in Civil Engineering. Outside of academics, she enjoys reading, listening to music and watching soccer; however, her passion for event planning and meeting new people is what inspired her to become part of the outstanding AUDMUN team. It all started when she volunteered during HMCD 2017. Later on, she became part of the shadow team during AUDMUN 2017 and she has recently become part of the executive board of the AUDMUN team. As the Event Planner for the conference, she hopes that you enjoy every detail and is very excited to meet you all at the AUDMUN 2018!


Faik Sadek

Director of Logistics

Faik is Palestinian Lebanese and has been raised and live his entire life in Dubai. At the moment , Faik is a finance student at AUD, his first experience with MUN was as a delegate in AUSMUN 2016. He was overwhelmed by the experience and saw MUN as something he would be passionate about and put his time into. He had the same feeling once he chaired the AUDMUN 2017. After being on both sides of the conference, he was in love and wanted to be even more involved, thus he became director of logistics. He views his job as Director of Logistics as essential to how conferences play out . Faik strives to do the best he can in order to ensure everything runs smoothly for everyone.


Abdullah Yasin

Director of Hospitality

Abdullah, is a Jordanian from a Palestinian origin. He was in born in the capital Amman,Jordan; furthermore, he has lived almost his entire life in Dubai. Due to the issues that his home country passes through he decided to join the AUDMUN. He believes that a few small changes lead to a huge change and that the conferences held are part of these small changes; therefore, he is honored to be part of a team that aims to let the world hear its voice.