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Recent Crisis Committee (RCC)

This committee will deal with issues that have had a worldwide impact in the last ten years. Discussions will require a sound understanding of these events and an ability to tackle complex issues from a variety of angles. Information accuracy will be necessary in order to achieve stable and suitable outcomes.


1. Australian Fires
2. The 2016 Ataturk Airport Attack

About the Chairs

Sakina Juzar

Sakina is an Indian Junior studying Journalism at the American University of Sharjah. Her MUN journey started in high school as a delegate, and she has since every aspect of a conference ever since. From an organizer to a participant, she understands the importance of the conference, and is committed to give you all the best experience. As your chair, she hopes to help her delegates learn something new, be it in or out of the committee sessions. Overall, the RCC team hopes to turn the three days into an amazing memory, the one that makes you want to come back. The last option is on you though, but we will try.

Gouthami Pillai

When she began her MUN journey about three years back, Gouthami was an absolute novice. Her preparation involved researching about a country she had never heard of before, while stressing about not sounding too dumb. Looking back, her initial conference didn’t work out too well in her favor, but it was the undeterred and constant participation in further MUNs that made her the confident individual that she is today. Currently an undergraduate at the American University of Sharjah, struggling to manage her Finance and Economic majors, she loves to partake in sports – mainly swimming. You can probably catch her surfing through the internet at odd hours of the night, attempting to learn a new skill (success levels are questionable, though). She’s really looking forward to the adrenaline rush and intense debate that comes along with AUDMUN committee sessions and promises to ensure that the delegates of the Recent Crisis Committee have a fun and enriching experience. To all the delegates piling up their coffee cups in nervous anticipation of the conference, just make the best out of the experience and never shy away from debate. May the odds be ever in your favor.