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European Union (EU)

This committee is specialized in handling all types of issues related to the European Union. Its goal is to unite the nation as a whole in terms of economics and politics. It aims to reach and sustain stability, mobility, and growth. It works to combat social exclusion and discrimination, respect its own cultural and linguistic diversity, and establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is unified.


1. The Financial and Budgetary Impact of Brexit on the Remaining EU States
2. The Rise of Conservative Parties in European Politics

About the Chairs

Prarthna Menghani

Prarthna Menghani is a passionate, 18-year old MUNer, actor and an aspiring neurosurgeon. She loves to dance, read and watch old Bollywood films. Her love and dedication for life sciences, spirituality and yoga is a beggaring description. Her keen interest in politics and debating has allowed her to have a spectacular MUN journey; she has participated in various conferences as a delegate, chair and deputy secretary general. AUDMUN would be her 12th conference, and she is delighted to be chairing the European Union. According to her, research is key and the most vital ingredient to be a great delegate. Furthermore, she urges her delegates to innovate ‘out of the box’ ideas, to the motions assigned and put their heart into the conference. Prarthna is super excited for AUDMUN’20 and would like to wish all her delegates the best of luck for the upcoming conference!

Asmitha Yakkala

Asmitha is currently a 12th-grade student at Al Diyafah High School. She is a fiery MUNer, enthusiastic debater and a passionate advocate against the numerous social problems plaguing our world. She is a football fanatic and a focused basketball player for her school team. When she is not reading the latest crime thriller you can find her binge-watching Buzzfeed unsolved and mystery thrillers. Her fascination with international politics, national policy, and social controversy fuelled her to participate in numerous MUNs, public speaking competitions & debates. Having attended 10 conferences in her MUN journey she is excited to chair the European Union at AUDMUN 2020.  She firmly believes that the calibre of any delegate lies in their research and confidence. Her advice to you: “Put your best efforts into research and supplement the rest with confidence.” If you see her around, feel free to strike up a conversation about anything… from cooking shows to your favourite sports teams.

Saif Al Khatib

Saif is a junior at Al Mawakeb School Al Barsha. At a young age, Saif discovered a hungry appetite for public speaking, and discussing political topics. He channeled this hunger by joining his school’s MUN club.  Saif has attended a copious amount of conferences as a delegate, and is now exploring the role of Moderator. He is ecstatic to meet every each and one of you, and hopes to witness an excellent debate.