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International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

ITU is the United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies. This committee coordinates telecommunication operations and services throughout the world. It sets and publishes regulations and standards relevant to electronic communication and broadcasting technologies of all kinds by conducting working parties, study groups and meetings to address current and future issues and to resolve disputes.


1. Regulating Privacy Policies within the Private Tech Industry.
2. Responding to Cybersecurity Threats Against Nuclear Facilities.

About the Chairs

Srujal Gawali

Srujal is a senior high school student based in Sharjah.  Chairing at AUDMUN holds special importance for her since this was where she attended her first MUN. She's a gregarious, pragmatic and goofy person. In addition to her deep interest in science and math, she enjoys dancing, listening to music, writing and playing the keyboard.  Debate and dialogue form an integral part of her life and MUNs have helped her to augment these skills. She believes that MUNs provide a dynamic platform for learning; not only do they strengthen your speaking ability, but also your analytical thinking and diplomatic skills. She hopes the delegates make use of this versatile opportunity to explore their interests and find constructive solutions to today’s pressing global issues. She is super excited to meet all the delegates and looks forward to a productive conference!

Kshitij Sharma

Kshitij Sharma is a high school senior who is well versed in the field of MUN’s. Having experiences ranged from serving in secretariats, chairing a large variety of committees and delegating at conferences abroad; it is his honor to serve as a chairperson at this year’s edition of AUDMUN. He hopes to see lively and enthusiastic committee session and looks forward to meeting all of you in November

Faisal Waleed A Alrasheed

Faisal is an 18 years old aviation student, studying at Emirates Aviation University and majoring in Aviation Management (Airline Operations). His passion for aviation encouraged him to choose his major and study at the university of his favorite airline (Emirates). His MUN journey started at his school, and his first MUN experience was at AUSMUN; over time, he began to participate in MUN conferences that took place outside the UAE. He participated in RMUN Bahrain as a page and in Tesla MUN Morocco as a moderator (UNEP). Moreover, he participated in 4 MUN conferences within the UAE. Faisal is looking forward to helping delegate to explore their passion for MUN and wishes the delegates the best of luck.