International Court of Justice (ICJ)

About the Committee

The ICJ functions differently when compared to other committees, it functions as the legal and judiciary body of the UN. It functions as both a mediator between states in conflict that have looked to it for such, as well as a legal consultant and advisor on matters concerning international law. The court does not function as a ‘punisher’ but rather a legal framework for international laws that permeate through to UN member states. Delegates here are far more free in how they as judges handle the issues brought before them. They must, however, have some form of legal back up to the verdicts and interpretations they draw upon during cases.


  1. Palestine vs the USA: Relocation of US Embassy to Jerusalem
  2. Congo vs Uganda: The Case Concerning Armed Activities in the DRC

About the Chairs

Liana Hajeir

chair     g00073295@aus.edu
Liana Hajeir is a junior in the Industrial Engineering program at the American University of Sharjah. Liana is honored to serve as the chair in AUDMUN and especially the International Court of Justice. She thinks that the ICJ specifically would provide you, the delegates, with an excellent opportunity to learn about our increasingly globalized world and induce you to obtain broader views on complex international issues. Liana hopes that AUDMUN will take part in your precious and valuable memories. With that said, she looks forward to seeing you!

Omar Eissa

co-chair     omareissa64@hotmail.com
Omar Eissa is a recent graduate with a passion for technology as well as political and natural sciences, wielding strong leadership experiences obtained from a multitude of extracurricular activities, which he also enjoys performing. This has included his participation and consecutive award-winning in AUSMUN 2018 and AUSMUN 2019, in addition to participating in a MUN Club in his school and chairing it a year later by selection. Omar believes that participating in this committee, and AUDMUN as a whole will allow for an unmatched exchange of experiences and communicative skills and is anticipating the presence of all upcoming delegates.

Fareha Khan

co-chair     farehakhan98@gmail.com
Fareha Khan is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the American University Of Sharjah. She has had a passion for debating since middle school, but it was her first MUN experience in 2014 that sparked an interest in world politics. Although her interests and field of study are far apart, she manages to practice her interests through extracurricular activities and does not miss a chance to participate in Mock political conferences. Fareha will be working closely with other chairs to make this conference exciting yet fruitful for everyone!