World Health Organization

About the Committee

This committee is responsible for directing and coordinating health in the international community. It plays a vital role in the field of international public health and international public health policies. The committee handles issues and admits resolutions that aim to combat diseases.


  1. The Spread of Ebola in Developing Countries
  2. The Bioethics, Regulation, and Future of Genomic Mutation

About the Chairs

Arnav Bulani

chair     arnavbulani@yahoo.com
This is Arnav Bulani, the President Chair of The WHO committee this year at AUDMUN. One of his biggest goals is to speak at an official United Nations ceremony. Raised by a king and queen, one of his attributes is to guide and help everyone around him! He loves to participate in Modal United Nations and has already attended over 17 conferences. He also loves playing cricket and talking about International affairs and politics.

Zainab Kobeissi

co-chair     zkobeissi307@gmail.com
Zainab Kobeissi describes herself as a joyful and kind-hearted person who loves to explore and discover. Moreover, her friend group views her as a friendly yet solemnly earnest person. She has participated in HMC 2018, AUSMUN 2018, AUDMUN 2019, AMSIMUN 2018 and has won 2 honorable mention awards. Zainab takes her school work very seriously and thinks very optimistically towards her life goals. As a chair, she would warm up the session between the delegates with a few amusing games. Finally, she hopes the delegates have a fruitful experience that would benefit their educational knowledge and boost their confidence!

Adnan Nasser

co-chair     adnannaser@live.com
Adnan Naser is an ambitious, hardworking student who lives to break through mediocrity. He was born and raised in the USA but has Jordanian roots. Adnan hopes to study Forensic Science when he finally graduates from high school next year. He has been obsessed with the work of forensics since he was in middle school. He was always dedicated to the work of debating for the better, but his passion for it increased once he first joined MUN in 2017. He strives to become a better person from this whole experience by helping others learn to be productive and useful for our community. Adnan is an adventurous and inquisitive person. He loves basketball, music, late-night hangouts; he loves travelling all over the world and believes that life begins at the end of our comfort zone and that we should never be afraid to try new things when we see the world. He hopes this MUN will be a fruitful experience for everyone and is looking forward to seeing you all.