UN Office for Outer Space Affairs

About the Committee

This committee works to promote international cooperation in the peaceful use and exploration of space, and in the utilisation of space science and technology for sustainable economic and social development. The office assists member states to establish legal and regulatory frameworks to govern space activities and strengthen the capacity of developing countries to use space science technology.


  1. International Policies on National Expansion in Outer Space
  2. Regulating Private Companies and Military Contractors in Space

About the Chairs

Ibrahim AlDaour

chair     ibrahim.aldaour@hotmail.com
Ibrahim AlDaour was born and raised in the UAE and is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has attended multiple MUN conferences and Harvard Model Congresses as a high school student and has chaired in previous MUN conferences. He believes that MUN is an excellent opportunity for both delegates and chairs to enhance their communication skills, in addition to learning how to develop and deliver great ideas to debate in their resolutions.

Shahd Jamal

co-chair     shahdmohd@live.com
The amount of various perspectives and opinions that could surround a single topic truly fascinates Shahd Jamal. This idea was the main driving force behind her MUN passion. Having been a delegate in several different conferences over the past years qualifies her to experience the committee from a different perspective; she is eager to view it through a chair’s lens in this year’s AUDMUN. Shahd is a firm believer in the power of words and their great potential. Whether she uses those words to debate, write poetry, or speak, she fully acknowledges their impact and significance. She is confident that if this year’s delegates use the right words to voice their opinions and spark up interesting debates, they would be able to reach their maximum potential and achieve all their goals. Most importantly, AUDMUN will be a fun, educational, and professional experience that is inevitably going to reside in all of our memories for a long time. Shahd has always been a ‘now or never’ person; she advises you to prevent fear from hindering your experience and always speak up because there is absolutely nothing to lose! Use this conference to challenge yourself and enjoy every minute of it.

Alireza Gholizadeh Moghaddam

co-chair     jixbrix.ar@gmail.com
Hailing all the way from Iran, a big wide world opened to Ali Reza when he came to Dubai. He is a former senior student at Pristine Private School and is looking forward to tackling the upcoming challenges at university. Being a delegate at AUDMUN 2018 was his baptism of fire, and this year's AUDMUN will be his first chair position. He is well suited to the extravaganze of international politics through various events and organisations. Known as a powerful speaker and a lover of studying international conflicts, he also likes to socialise and develop his soft skills. Being new to the scene and having heard many great stories, he is keen to add his input to enhance this year's AUDMUN further.