The United Nations Children's Fund

About the Committee

A committee that was founded in 1946 to serve as a humanitarian and development agency working for the rights of children globally. It aims to satisfy the children’s rights to a safe shelter, food and protection from natural disasters. Besides helping children meet their basic needs, this committee aims to help them expand their opportunities and reach their full potential. 


  1. Age of Criminal Liability
  2. Providing Mental Health Resources and Reducing Trauma Aggravation for Child Refugees

About the Chairs

Teebah Hiyari

chair     teebah111@gmail.com
Teebah is an outgoing senior in Al Mawakeb School and aspires to be a lawyer in the future. She joined MUN in her junior year of high school in order to express her love and passion for politics. Throughout her years in high school Teebah attended copious national and international conferences where she was awarded for her speaking skills. However this is her second time chairing and hopes she will encounter a fruitful debate.

Marwan ElKhatib

co-chair     marwan-elkhatib@hotmail.com
Marwan, currently examining Dentistry in the University Of Sharjah, filled in as the leader of his secondary school MUN club and has led ECOSOC in WISMUN. Other than that his delegates will either discover him sticking to some Rex Orange County or siphoning some iron at the gym or fangirling over watches. He values his MUN encounters a lot and plans to pass on his enthusiasm for it to the up and coming age of MUNers. MUN has trained him to acknowledge various perspectives and worth genuine kinship. Through it, he has additionally had the option to upgrade his diagnostic abilities concerning world undertakings. He anticipates seeing what every one of his delegates brings to the table. He expects all of his delegates to give their absolute best at this conference. He looks forward to meeting all of his delegates. He guarantees his delegates will have a remarkable involvement with AUDMUN 2019. Meanwhile, kindly don't delay to get in touch with him should you have any inquiries or concerns.

Mohammed Aamir Mahmood

co-chair     b00080702@aus.edu
Aamir is a second-year student at the American University of Sharjah studying Business Administration with a Major in Accounting (Yes, it is as boring as it sounds). He began participating in MUN’s in high-school and has since participated as a delegate and chair, in multiple conferences around the world. If not intensely debating or crying over how much he has left to study, you will most likely find him at the movie theatre, waiting for his pizza order, or procrastinating with football skills compilation videos. Aamir is thrilled to join the AUDMUN Team as Co-Chair of the UNICEF, and can't wait to meet everyone in November!