United Nations Environment Programme

About the Committee

A committee that uses scientific analysis and political leadership to provide states with well structured environmental protection, and sustainable development plans. Delegates here will look to improve the understanding of policymakers regarding biodiversity, resource efficiency and climate change. As well as limiting the trade of harmful chemicals and the pollution found in our current trade network setup.


  1. Hydraulic Fracking
  2. Urban Planning in the Age of the Megacity

About the Chairs

Youssra Omar

chair     youssraomar2000@gmail.com
Youssra Omar is a nineteen-year-old Algerian who finds passion in writing, debating, and public speaking. Ever since she was a little girl, her interest in politics never failed to show, and as she grew up, Model United Nations was the perfect opportunity for her to put all of these interests into action. She has participated in numerous conferences, and with each passing experience; she gets more and more attached to the MUN movement. She takes massive pride in her skills and truly believes she will reach the United Nations, someday. To Youssra, and many others, MUN was the start of many beautiful things, hence why it’s deeply cherished. MUN not only helps one to expand their speaking and political knowledge, but it also helps them grow as an individual and develop sociability. As the Primary Chair of the UNEP Committee, Youssra welcomes you, esteemed delegates, to AUDMUN19 and wishes to help make this journey as pleasant, informative and as fun as possible.

Sara Hassan Abdulmouti

co-chair     sarasosofukui@gmail.com
Sara was born and raised in Japan but is originally a Palestinian Syrian. She’s 18 years old and aspiring to study business marketing. It wasn’t always business; she has many interests and hobbies, like makeup, fashion, art, photography, editing, and writing. Although she has been doing MUN for the past five years, it all started when she faced her biggest fear: public speaking. Sara joined mun and competed in speaking and debating competition until it became her passions. It became one of her favourite things to do; one of the things she’s good at doing. She is hoping to become a lawyer one day and if not hopes to have a positive impact on this world so that she can be able to have a voice that could be heard and be able to raise awareness.

Naser Mohamad Taifour

co-chair     b00077994@aus.edu
Naser is a Mechanical Engineering sophomore at the American University of Sharjah. Even though he was hesitant about participating in MUN back in high school, he found the experience quite refreshing and educational. The interaction with all the other passionate delegates in the conference and learning about the inner workings of the United Nations cleared his scepticism about whether MUNs were worth his time. He owes this amazing introductory experience partially to his chairs, and he hopes through his chairing expertise to help as many delegates as possible achieve similar if not better experiences.