UN Council on Superhuman Activities

About the Committee

The United Nations Council on Superhuman Activities was formed by the UN with one goal in mind: to regulate superhumans and the potential of their powers. It is a platform in which those gifted with powers could come together to claim towards the United Nations demanding or not, but if so, justifying, why they believe there should be special rights for Superhumans. The committee works hard to ensure the safety of all living beings, whether human or superhuman.


  1. The Hunt for Spider-Man
  2. Regulating enhanced arms and weapons trade between Earth and the wider intergalactic community
  3. The Hydra Resurgence

About the Chairs

Mohamed Nor Iqhwan

chair     nor.iqhwan@hotmail.com
Mohamed is currently a final year law and international relations student at Middlesex University Dubai. Over the years, he has developed a deep and expanded interest in international law, human rights and jurisprudence. MUN provided him with one of the media to channel these interests. With this committee, he hopes to bring an interactive, delectable and dynamic environment with an emphasis on fictional and hypothetical situations, particularly with a focus on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Outside of academics, he thinks he can bake reasonably well, and he has friends to attest to that. Additionally, he also enjoys reading history, travelling, eating exotic foods and horse-riding on old town roads.

Dara Varam

co-chair     b00081313@aus.edu
Dara Varam is a sophomore at the American University of Sharjah, double majoring in Computer Engineering and Mathematics. In an attempt to positively impact the prospective world-scene, Dara's drive for politics has seen him participate in multiple MUNs throughout his highschool years, with this being his first experience as a chair. He hopes to join fellow chairs, co-chairs and delegates on this journey, as he believes the practical and engaging atmosphere of a MUN could potentially have the highest degree of influence on young-adults hoping to make a difference.

Dhana abdulrahman Ahmed Noaman

co-chair     dhana8989@hotmail.com
Dhana Abdulrahman is a nineteen-year-old student who was born and raised in the UAE. With a keen, passionate personality, she’s always ready for a challenge, MUN being one of them. She has participated in several MUN conferences including AUDMUN, winning awards along the way. She’s a passionate speaker and debater; she believes these debates help people improve their knowledge on world issues and at the same time helps improve speaking skills and confidence, and she hopes to be able to both learn and educate during conferences. As a chair, she wishes to give delegates a chance to have a voice on issues they feel passionate about. MUN provides the opportunity to find solutions to problems with peace and unity.