Recent Crisis Committee (RCC)

About the Committee

This committee will deal with issues that have had a worldwide impact in the last 10 years. Discussions will require a sound understanding of these events and an ability to tackle complex issues from a variety of angles. Information accuracy will be necessary in order to achieve stable and suitable outcomes.


  1. Muslim Concentration Camps in China
  2. Social Division Due to Technology

About the Chairs

Lina Ghonem

chair     linaghonim@yahoo.com
Lina Ghonim is an Egyptian 17-year-old senior at Al Mawakeb Garhoud who aspires to contribute to the space industry by being one of the greatest aerospace engineers. She's known to have started MUN from a very young age and has participated in several local conferences including AUDMUN. She believes that MUN doesn’t only teach you about politics, but many other essential skills that you will require in the future. In a world where young people aren’t given a voice in politics, she believes that MUN is the best platform to work hard and address critical and pressing issues that fall upon our world today. Besides MUN, Lina enjoys dancing to music and solving difficult algebraic problems. Lina is honored to chair the Recent Crisis Committee because it is one of the most challenging and fun committees, and she can’t wait to meet all of you!

Samvedh Bagavadeeswar

co-chair     samvedheswar@gmail.com
Samvedh is an aspiring lawyer, passionate debater and fervent MUNner. Among his interests are political science, economics, writing music and making terrible jokes. He has been to four MUNs before this and has won 3 best delegates, along with a runner-up best delegate at an international conference as well. A fan of intense debate, he firmly believes in the importance of a well fleshed out resolution. Although a rookie to chairing, he will no doubt ensure that delegates have a platform to express themselves and bring forth their arguments in the best way possible.

Nour Ayman Al Khateeb

co-chair     nouraymanahmed2@hotmail.com
MUN has been a significant part of Nour's life for the past four years. Swerving between being a delegate and a chair, it has been one of the wildest experiences and has made her gain several skills and helped her in developing her personality into the debater she is today. She has never been known for letting things slide when she doesn't agree with what’s being said, and she's sure many things are happening in the world that we don’t agree on and she believes that the least we can do is not stay quiet about them. One thing MUN has taught her is how to express her opinion, how to listen to others’, and try to reach common grounds. MUN is not about proving your point right; it’s about putting our minds together to make the world a better place.