Press Corps

About the Committee

The Press Corps committee is unique among the various sessions at MUN. Here delegates will perform the role of journalists working for a variety of international news agencies from BBC to the Nigerian Tribune. The main focus here will be on accurate and unbiased reporting on the various events taking place in each MUN committee. Delegates/Reporters will be tasked with writing articles, news updates and acting as photographers while in session. This committee will focus on proactive journalism with a strong eye for detail and commitment to accuracy.


About the Chairs

Diala Almalik

chair     dialamalik@gmail.com
Diala Almalik was born and raised in Dubai and is a junior at the American University of Sharjah majoring in Finance. Her MUN journey began in high school, where she attended many conferences as a delegate. From there, she became very passionate about MUN and has chaired in previous MUN conferences. She sees MUN as a great way to enlighten people about the pressing matters of our world, and allow people with diverse backgrounds to interact with one another.

Zahraa Jaber

co-chair     zajaberr@gmail.com
Zahraa is currently a senior in Al Mawakeb Garhoud. Her MUN journey began back in her freshmen year. So far, she has been to six conferences, and this will be her third chairing experience. Zahraa believes that MUN truly brings out the best and strongest qualities in a person seeing as it requires research skills, debating, confidence and persuasion. She looks forward to meeting her delegates and hopes that this conference will be an unforgettable experience for all of them!

Shree Hari Nair

co-chair     shreeharikgs@gmail.com
An avid movie watcher and debater, Shree Hari, surprisingly somebody who was not so fond of MUNs, undertook his journey in this foreign affairs frontier quite late but quickly found great interest in. Participating in engaging debates filled with rebuttals and to and from is what drove him into MUNs. As a chair, he believes that everybody must put in their best, but never doubting oneself. A MUN will only be a learning experience if one sees it as a journey rather than a competition. As the Co-Chair of the Press Corps, he is looking forward to reading inquisitive and insightful articles. Best of luck to all delegates!