International Telecommunication Union

About the Committee

This committee coordinates telecommunication operations and services throughout the world. It sets and publishes regulations and standards relevant to electronic communication and broadcasting technologies of all kinds by conducting working parties, study groups and meetings to address current and future issues and to resolve disputes.


  1. Managing Security in Global Telecommunications
  2. Achieving a global framework for Net Neutrality

About the Chairs

Salman Abdul Sattar

chair     salman19sattar@gmail.com
Salman is an active Junior at the American University of Sharjah, majoring in mechanical engineering. He actively partakes in community work at his university, recycles and donates. Salman has been part of several MUN conferences; his passion for these conferences started back in high school, which helped him gain confidence in public speaking. Apart from MUN, he chaired for AUSMC this year, which was a different yet equally rewarding experience for him. Salman believes winning is an essential part of maintaining your self-esteem but learning something new from that experience is the highest achievement. The experience of MUN has taught him a great deal among which he regards the ability to engage with a diverse group of Ethnicities the highest. Salman is very keen on being part of the fantastic atmosphere that the American University in Dubai creates, bringing many gifted speakers under one roof. He wishes good fortune to everyone involved in the event.

Manaswi Madichetty

co-chair     g00081547@aus.edu
Manaswi is an Indian sophomore student studying at the American University of Sharjah. She is working towards an undergraduate degree in B Sc. in Business Administration with a Finance Major. Model United Nations has been a significant part of her life since Grade 9. Her passion for the activity has kept her continuously engaged. She is now the Director of Research for AUSMUN 2020. She hopes to help first-time delegates explore their passion for discussing global issues and presenting their thoughts and ideas among people.

Faizah Shafeek

co-chair     faizah.shafeek@gmail.com
Faizah is a high school student who has always had a wide array of interests from maths and sports to music. A founding member of her school's MUN club, her MUN journey began three years ago and ever since, she has been passionate about international relations and diplomacy. Faizah believes that MUN is a powerful platform to spread awareness on global issues and helps delegates develop their knowledge, public speaking skill, and leadership. The quality of a good debate is measured by the arguments and facts brought out by the delegates, and Faizah hopes that the delegates will live up to the expectations and also learn something new in the process.