International Court of Justice (ICJ)

About the Committee

The ICJ functions differently when compared to other committees, it functions as the legal and judiciary body of the UN. It functions as both a mediator between states in conflict that have looked to it for such, as well as a legal consultant and advisor on matters concerning international law. The court does not function as a ‘punisher’ but rather a legal framework for international laws that permeate through to UN member states. Delegates here are far more free in how they as judges handle the issues brought before them. They must, however, have some form of legal back up to the verdicts and interpretations they draw upon during cases.


  1. Certain Iranian Assets: Iran vs the USA
  2. Kashmir Conflict: India vs Pakistan

About the Chairs

Anoushka Arora

chair     aroraanoushka@hotmail.com
Anoushka Arora is currently a Senior at the Indian High School, Dubai and is studying Legal Studies and Economics. She has been a part of 20 MUN’s and specializes in Crisis based committees. Beyond Debate, she’s fond of playing her Saxophone, Binging TV shows and lots more. This will be her 10th time chairing, but nonetheless, she will make sure to make this your best MUN whether it's your first or 20th!

Alia Al Mansoori

co-chair     alia.almansoori222@gmail.com
Ever since she was a little kid, Alia Almansoori, a 17-year-old high school student has always been passionate about science. This passion carried on to this day and especially about biology. She currently works as a research intern at New York University in Abudhabi in hopes of enriching and growing this passion. Though she is very “science-oriented”, she enjoys debating about international topics and spreading social awareness towards these different topics. This is the reason why she joined the MUN club at her school and joined various conferences as a delegate.

Pulkit Chhabra

co-chair     pulkit.hc@gmail.com
Pulkit Chhabra welcomes you all to yet another enthralling experience of AUDMUN 5.0. Pulkit believes whether this is your first MUN or 10th, each conference holds its uniqueness; varying from researching skills to diplomacy and collaboration. He hopes to see productive debate by the presentation of arguments as well as the delivery of judgments that truly uphold the sole purpose of the judiciary, Justice for what’s right, and a blind eye to everything else!