Historical Crisis Committee (HCC)

About the Committee

This committee is focused on historical events within the 20th century that caused major world or regional upheaval. The goal of this body is to solve and manage these crisis within the historical context they take place in. Delegates will have to work with assets available at the time but will have to be innovative in how they apply them. Topics will centre around pivotal moments like the Berlin Airlift to the Bosnian Genocide.


  1. Displacement of European Refugees following WWII
  2. Russo-Japanese War of 1905

About the Chairs

Karim Gadalla

chair     kgadallah@icloud.com
Karim is an engineering student at the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Being an Egyptian, he has taken a lot of interest in politics due to the political climate in his home country. After attending his first conference, he became very passionate about MUN and started attending conferences, not just for his own benefits, but for the spirit of the community. Karim has participated at a wide variety of MUN conferences over the years, as both a delegate and a chair. He is also currently an executive in the UOWDMUN club, and hopes, one day, to organise his own MUN conference. He is very confident in his ability to lead and is very excited for another fantastic experience in AUDMUN.

Assem Ahmed

co-chair     b00080327@aus.edu
Assem is a Mechanical Engineering sophomore at the American University of Sharjah. After taking part in MUN conferences for over five years, Assem has developed enough experience and knowledge in the fields of international relations and politics which has qualified him to chair various conferences. Ever since he got up on the podium for the first time, he knew MUN would be part of his life for a long time, and so it has been. Although it has not been the easiest ride, he has insisted on achieving his goal of becoming experienced enough to chair other delegates and help them discover how valuable their voices are and how important it is to challenge the manner in which people perceive the world around them. The change in Assem’s life after joining MUN was radical and can be traced to his spectacular chairs, which not only motivated him to express his opinion but also defend it in every possible way. His goal is to become a memorable and inspirational chair who can convey the underlying purpose of MUN to his delegates.

Khyati Kataky

co-chair     katakyk21@gmail.com
Khyati is currently a junior in high school and aspires to pursue a career in Forensic Science in the years to come. She enjoys debating and learning new things and has a keen interest in science and law. She has always been passionate about global relations and politics and has thus pursued MUN for the past few years. On a personal note, she also is passionate about Art and enjoys reading, researching and travelling. Khyati believes that MUN provides an incredible platform for one to voice their opinions, innovative thinking and diplomacy. She hopes that this conference is a learning opportunity both for the delegates and herself and looks forward to watching three days of enthralling debate unfold and meeting many new people in the upcoming conference.