European Union (EU)

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in handling all types of issues related to the European Union. Its goals are to unite the nation as a whole in terms of economics and politics. It aims to reach and sustain stability, mobility, and growth. It works to combat social exclusion and discrimination, respect its own cultural and linguistic diversity, and establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is unified.


  1. Counter-Terrorism and De-Radicalization
  2. Brexit and inter-European Relations (Europeans employed in the UK and vice versa)

About the Chairs

Lamya Butt

chair     lamyabutt@gmail.com
For Lamya, MUN’s have been a huge part of her life since 2017 and she is currently studying at Dubai Scholars Private School. She loves all things cricket, food, politics, and Netflix! Lamya extends a warm welcome to all delegates and hopes they have a great time at AUDMUN 2019!

Dana Abuqamar

co-chair     Dnabuqamar@gmail.com
Dana is a junior at AMB. She is an outgoing, lively person who’s indulged in the pastry world, writing and any possible thing that involves creativity and art. Her affection towards horses and horseback riding is beggaring description. She is very passionate about discovering and learning new things every day. When Dana transferred schools in her sophomore year, it was tough to adapt to the new environment, but as she got chosen into her school’s MUN club, going to conferences and living the experience of researching, public speaking and debating, she habituated easily and loved it. Dana became eager to attend every mock, conference, and training session. She got chosen as head of the YMUN club at her school and anticipated for more experience. Dana is very excited to chair at this year’s AUDMUN and looks forward to meeting all the amazing delegates!

Sachit Lumba

co-chair     sachitlumba@gmail.com
Sachit has been involved with Model UN for the past four years, during which he has had many unforgettable experiences, full of fun as well as learning. He has attended a wide range of conferences, both international and local, and has gained many valuable insights and perspectives, both as a delegate and a Chair. Hoping to be a Computer Science or Physics major, Model UN gives him a chance to escape the STEM world and learn about and discuss current issues. He is relatively fresh to the Dubai MUN scene and is excited to add AUDMUN 2019 to his list of local conferences.