Arab League

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in handling all types of issues related to the Arab World. Its member states are Arab-speaking African and Asian countries. This committee aims to promote the independence, sovereignty, affairs and interests of the member states. One of its most important goals is to coordinate Arab economic life. It discusses issues that directly relate to the Arab World economically, politically, socially, and culturally.


  1. Internationally Operating Terrorist Groups
  2. Decreasing Global Dependance on Middle Eastern Oil

About the Chairs

Rand Asmat Rabadi

chair     rand.rabadi35@gmail.com
Rand is currently a high school senior in Al Mawakeb Al Garhoud and is really excited to chair in AUDMUN 2019. She had previously chaired in five other conferences including the first-ever AUS Model Congress in 2018. Rand loves travelling and experiencing new things as well as learning new languages. Her MUN journey began back in 9th grade where AUDMUN was her first-ever conference, so she is glad to return this year as a moderator. Rand believes that MUN gives a great insight into today’s world, even if you’re not interested; you might find yourself heated up during the debate. She understands the feelings of being a delegate well as she’s attended four conferences before and thus will always be available if you have any questions or concerns so don’t hesitate to ask! Lastly, Rand would like you to keep one thing in mind during your research and debate period: Aim for progress, not perfection. And most importantly, every MUN experience is different and unique, so make sure you enjoy your time!

Abdelrahman Yasser Saeed

co-chair     aylaasheen@gmail.com
Abdelrahman Yasser is currently a senior at Wesgreen International School and is passionate about MUN and debate. He has been immersed in MUN for about three years now and is always ready for a new experience. Although he has various delegate experiences of MUN, he is very honoured and excited to be a chair for the first time at the upcoming AUDMUN conference. On a more personal view, he greatly enjoys reading, especially old literature. What he truly loves about MUN is that it is a way for people to express their points of view through a filter of politics, as well as the chance to meet new people. Abdelrahman can’t wait to meet all of you and wishes you an enjoyable and productive conference!

Aya Attia Abdelghany

co-chair     ayaadam305@gmail.com
Hailing from the country also known as "mother of the world", Aya is an Egyptian with Bulgarian roots. Fortunately, she was born and raised in the city of life and opportunities, Dubai. She is currently a senior at AMS- Al Garhoud with a drive that fuels her passion. She began her MUN journey three years ago and has attended a plethora of conferences including AUSMUN 2017, AUDMUN 2017, HMCMUN 2018, and AUSMUN 2018. Although her preferred area of major would lean more towards the scientific matter, she is rather keen on persisting her MUN journey, in which through it, she can further delve into the politics that has always seemed to intrigue her. During her free time, she either indulges in a book, watches TV shows, or shops. She hopes that this conference will be a fruitful one where each individual gains something profound and memorable out of it.