Advisory Panel

About the Committee

The principal UN body that is aimed at ensuring worldwide peace and security among nations. The organ is made up of 5 permanent states and 10 rotating members that tackle challenges related to global stability, conflict and crises between nations. The body deals with securing ceasefires and diplomatic ties. However, is authorised to use strategic military intervention as well as sanctions in order to broker peace if necessary. Delegates will tackle issues ranging from counterterrorism to humanitarian issues including genocide.


  1. Reducing Economic Instability in Myanmar and Bangladesh
  2. Measures to Reduce the Inhuman Treatment of Muslims in the West

About the Chairs

Janak Jain

chair     janakjain050@gmail.com
Janak Jain is a 12th-grade student in D.P.S. Sharjah, who loves physics and wishes to pursue it in college further. His hobbies include binge-watching shows, gaming and debating. In debates, he looks more for the impact, response, confidence, and how good a person is in debating all the while maintaining decorum. He believes research is the key to winning debates. There is no such thing as using a lot of quotes, the more quotes you use, the more impactful your statement seems. A light tip from him is that it is utmost essential to come with a unique out of the world solution to any problem addressed. In the end, all he wishes to say is that don’t be tensed out, be relaxed and enjoy the movie. He also portrays his most thanks to AUD for this opportunity.

Fatma Ghayyour

co-chair     fatmaghayyour11@gmail.com
Fatma is currently and 11th grader in GEMS New Millenium School. She is a philosopher, politics enthusiast, painter, an aspiring Secretary-General of the United Nations, and most importantly, your Co-Chair for this year's AUDMUN. She genuinely believes that MUN is not like any other competition; it is a platform for self-development, a platform to develop skills, gain knowledge about issues that affect our lives in some way or another, and most importantly, make new friends who may last a lifetime. As the Co-Chair of the Advisory Panel, she is looking forward to each delegate performing to the best of their ability, the heated debates, the conflicts, the solutions proposed and lots more. She hopes that with her fellow chairs, she can provide an environment for the delegates to grow, be empowered and create an impact that will last. Amid all the seriousness, heated debates, and conflict, she would like to remind everyone to have fun and not be discouraged and to learn and apply those learnings in future conferences. She wishes all the delegates the very best.

Riya Kewalani

co-chair     riyakewalani28@gmail.com
Riya Kewalani is a 17-year-old MUN enthusiast, guitarist and aspiring scientist. Apart from surfing through the internet in her free time, she very much enjoys baking, talking non-stop, discovering new genres of music, and rewatching Harry Potter for the millionth time. Having said that, this AUDMUN will be the eighth MUN she attends, and her second time chairing. MUN's facilitate a path for her to practice her love of politics and debate before she can reach THE United Nations. Her journey in this MUN world has been exciting, memorable, and one that she comes out of with new friends and experiences each time. She can't wait to meet all the delegates and staff this year, dance at the social night, and engage in stimulating debates. She wishes all the delegates best of luck for the upcoming sessions and may they have as rewarding an experience as she has had.