UN Environmental Program
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

A committee that uses scientific analysis and political leadership to provide states with well structured environmental protection, and sustainable development plans. Delegates here will look to improve the understanding of policy makers regarding biodiversity, resource efficiency and climate change. As well as limiting the trade of harmful chemicals and the pollution found in our current trade network setup.


Managing Water Resources in a Changing Climate

Genetically Modified Organisms and their Effects on Agriculture

About the Chairs

Alijaeh Go

co-chair     [email protected]
Alijaeh is honoured to serve as the Co-Chair of United Nations Environmental Programme. He aims to create a welcoming working environment where the delegate can and will create thorough resolutions tackling the issues that continue to mire the environment. It is a true privilege to be in the capacity of exploring the means to address this through the platform that AUDMUN has provided. MUN has been an integral part of Alijaeh’s life. He affirms in the potential of MUN to allow anyone to connect and network with a myriad of individuals as well as obtain new perspectives upon ongoing issues.

Nimrah Ayaz

chair     [email protected]
Nimrah is a sustainability enthusiast and is very keen on protecting the environment and seeing sustainable practices being practiced around the world as Climate change & Global warming are serious issues which are of pressing concerns. She fell in love with MUN and the concept of young individuals being a part of a simulation of the real United Nations. Nimrah is convinced that MUN has definitely proven to be an open ground for young change makers like herself to discuss and suggest solutions of the problems our world is currently facing. She firmly believes that our generation should be exposed to these issues as the dynamic world we live in today is constantly evolving, and the young ones should be aware of what is really going on. Nimrah is passionate about debating and hopes she can create a challenging and welcoming environment for all the delegates in her committee.