World Bank
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

To call this the world’s largest international bank would undercut the true nature of this organisation. Aimed at one end to provide the loans and capital necessary to boost the economies of developing nations. These are combined with country specific debt repayment plans in order to maximise the efficiency of the countries in question. The delegates of this committee will focus on topics regarding agriculture, governing improvements and urban planning projects that align with the Bank’s aims to reduce poverty and government corruption.


Addressing the Debt of Developing Nations

Improving Worldwide Access to Basic Financial Services

About the Chairs

Roa Daher

chair     [email protected]
Roa is a sophomore studying environmental chemistry at AUS. She is very passionate about politics, fashion, and the environment. It is her first time moderating at AUDMUN, but she's looking forward to a wonderful learning experience!

Natal Dia

chair     [email protected]
Natal Dia is an aspiring architect studying at the American University in Dubai. Her interest in MUN began in high school where she attended every conference she could and received honorable mentions awards. In addition to her interest in MUN, she enjoys all kids of sports and has a serious addiction to the adrenaline rush resulting of that.

Mohammad Bilal Hamoud

chair     [email protected]
Mohammad is a mechanical engineering student at the American University in Dubai. This will be his first time chairing any MUN conference. He looks forward to learning and helping you learn while enjoying the whole experience of MUN.