Advisory Panel
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The principle UN body that is aimed in ensuring worldwide peace and security among nations. The organ is made up of 5 permanent states and 10 rotating members that tackle challenges related to global stability, conflict and crises between nations. The body deals with securing ceasefires and diplomatic ties. However, is authorised to use strategic military intervention as well as sanctions in order to broker peace if necessary. Delegates will tackle issues ranging from counterterrorism to humanitarian issues including genocide.


Civil Unrest and Human Rights in Venezuela

The Situation in Haiti

About the Chairs

Fadi Chahine

chair     [email protected]
Fadi Chahine is currently a senior student at Al Mawakeb School Al Barsha. He wishes to pursue a career in computer and aerospace engineering. He fell in love with the dynamic of the political debate of an MUN committee in his first conference in Dubai College, and ever since, he's given MUN his literal all. After participating in many regional conferences, he then decided it was time for his school to have their own, and hence began working hard on organizing his school's first AMSIMUN in 2017 with students and faculty alike. Fadi encourages delegates to take part in the committee debate and take advantage of this learning opportunity as there's nothing to be shy of!

Lotfi Machou

chair     [email protected]
Lotfi is an Algerian national who was born and raised in the city of life, Dubai. Lotfi is currently a senior at the Al Mawakeb school in Al Garhoud. His first experience in MUN came pretty early, as he participated and won an award at the Junior MUN held at his school when he was just 13. Ever since then, he has been an avid follower of all the conferences that happen around the globe. Lotfi is currently the head of the MUN club at his school and he also helped organize AMSIMUN’17 and ‘18 and he is at the moment preparing to lead AMSIMUN’19 to success. He participated in MUN as a delegate several times, yet this is his first time chairing in such a promising conference. The Algerian national believes that MUN is a very powerful event that can create passionate and goal-driven individuals who are able to realize the controversial reality we live in. Lotfi looks to enter the domain of law and international relations hoping to become an ambassador that advocates change in a world where everyone’s voice should be heard.