Arab League
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in handling all types of issues related to the Arab World. Its member states are arab-speaking african and asian countries. This committee aims to promote the independence, sovereignty, affairs and interests of the member states. One of its most important goals is to coordinate Arab economic life. It discusses issues that directly relate to the Arab World economically, politically, socially, and culturally.


Protection of Religious Minorities

Mistreatment of Sudanese Refugees in Egypt

About the Chairs

Karen Kandalaft

chair     [email protected]
Karen Kandalaft is a Syrian, born and raised in Dubai. She is a senior in high school and plans to go on to study clinical psychology. Karen started MUN in grade nine and has attended five conferences in which she’s won five awards. Besides MUN, Karen enjoys writing poetry, playing the guitar, reading self help books, and immersing herself in the vintage aesthetic. She can’t wait to meet you all and please don’t hesitate to contact her for questions or concerns.

Abhimanyu Baruah

chair     [email protected]
Abhimanyu is a student in year 12 with a focus in sciences. Studying in the A level program, he wishes to pursue a career in medicine. However, he does greatly enjoy international affairs and debate. For 3 years now, he has been participating in MUNS, with AUDMUN being his 10th overall, and 5th chairing. He believes that MUNS are one of the best ways to educate oneself about the problems our society faces today, while also developing into a more confident individual. He also greatly enjoys horse riding and skateboarding.