Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees is one of the UN bodies working on the ground during times of crisis and strife. The commission was born in 1950 and has been renewed on multiple occasions. Today they are active in areas of such as Syria, Yemen and Myanmar. The committee works with both refugee producing countries as well as those who take them in. The committee will deal will issues that include ending statelessness as well as the problem of human trafficking. Understanding the problems these create and finding ways of working with limited resources in order to solve the various humanitarian issues plaguing the modern world. 


Protecting Refugees from Human Trafficking 

The Question of Refugee Rights for Internally Displaced Persons

About the Chairs

Saamish Zaidi

chair     [email protected]
Saamish is a 13th year A-levels student with a concentration in the sciences. With an interest in International Relations and experience in over 10 Model United Nations, including international conferences and a previous Secretary-General position, he is well equipped with the skills required to chair the committee. He looks forward to meeting all the delegates and hopes to learn from this year's AUDMUN.

Jude Zeitoun

chair     [email protected]
Jude is Palestinian and has lived her entire life in Dubai. She is a 3rd year dental student and despite her purely scientific major she has always had interest in politics and arts. She has attended several conferences and hopes that chairing in AUDMUN will be another great experience.

Arnav Bulani

chair     [email protected]
This is Arnav, one of the three chairs of the UNHCR committee this year at AUDMUN. One of his biggest goals is to speak at an official United Nations ceremony. Raised by a king and queen, one of his attributes is to guide everyone around him! He loves to participate in Modal United Nations and has already done over 12 conferences. His favorite quote is; “One day I’ll be at the place I always wanted to be.”