European Union
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in handling all types of issues related to the European Union. Its goals are to unite the nation as a whole in terms of economics and politics. It aims to reach and sustain stability, mobility, and growth. It works to combat social exclusion and discrimination, respect its own cultural and linguistic diversity, and establish an economic and monetary union whose currency is unified.


Dealing with an Evermore Hostile Russian Federation

Brexit: Moving Forward

About the Chairs

Esraa Mahmoud

chair     [email protected]
Esraa is an Egyptian who has been born and raised in Dubai. She is a junior majoring in Business Management at the American University in Dubai. As Business talks about many aspects of the recent trends and controversies that happen in the world, she felt it was good if she joins AUDMUN and learns more about these issues. She believes that MUN is important to participate in as it highlights the important incidences that happen in the global world and to connect with different people from different backgrounds. Her interests are reading Business news and listening to music.

Shivikha Shivananda

chair     [email protected]
Shivikha Shivananda is currently is junior at the Indian High School Dubai. She started MUN in grade 8 and soon dedicated most of her high-school to it. With 14 conference experiences under her wing, including positions such as President of the UNSC and deputy Secretary General, by participating in MUNS such as EISJMUN, PSUADMUN and DXBMUN. Through MUN and debate, she hopes to one day become a renowned human rights lawyer. In committee, she expects thriving debate and comprehensive resolutions which will not only be a learning experience for the delegates but her as well.