World Health Organization
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

This committee is responsible for directing and coordinating health in the international community. It plays a vital role in the field of international public health and international public health policies. The committee handles issues and admits resolutions that aim to combat diseases.


Addressing Health Emergency Programs for Refugees and Displaced Individuals

Fertility Rates in Developing Countries

About the Chairs

Hind AlHalyan

chair     [email protected]
Hind Alhalyan, born in the UAE, is a second year medical student at Dubai Medical College. Her fascination with MUN began when she joined her high school’s delegation for AUSMUN in 2016 and 2017. She then went on to chair in AUSMUN 2018. Hind is also the head of the MUN club in her university. She believes that MUN is a unique platform which encourages public speaking and demonstrates the importance of research. Her interests include swimming, horse-riding, photography, reading and travelling.

Saadiya Majeed

chair     [email protected]
Saadiya Majeed, a student at the American University of Sharjah, will be chairing the WHO for AUDMUN. This will be her 11th conference. She hopes in the next three days you will learn more about global issues, diplomacy and policy making. At the same time, make friends and have fun. Wishing you an unforgettable experience and looking forward to meeting you!