Press Corps
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The Press Corps committee is unique among the various sessions at MUN. Here delegates will perform the role of journalists working for a variety of international news agencies from BBC to the Nigerian Tribune. The main focus here will be on accurate and unbiased reporting on the various events taking place in each MUN committee. Delegates/Reporters will be tasked with writing articles, news updates and acting as photographers while in session. This committee will focus on proactive journalism with a strong eye for detail and commitment to accuracy.


About the Chairs

Aya Mahmoud

chair     [email protected]
Aya is an Egyptian that was born and raised in Dubai .She is a Junior majoring in Advertising at the American University in Dubai. She believes that MUN is a great opportunity for an individual to gain more knowledge about political and economic affairs around the globe. MUN is also a great place for meeting new people from different backgrounds with different perspectives. Other than that she loves listening to music and socializing with people and playing around with Photoshop.

Milad Nourian

chair     [email protected]
Milad is a student undergoing the A-Level course and is an aspiring medical student. His interests do not only lie in science but also in literature and journalism as well as the role politics plays in shaping both concepts. He has attended many Model United Nations events including the ones at AUD as a delegate of Press Corps and hopes to continue its fruitful nature at AUDMUN 18.

Lena Khalifa

chair     [email protected]
Lena is a student majoring in International Studies at the American University of Sharjah. She has always been particularly interested in diplomatic relations as well as the political and economic dynamics of situations occurring across the globe. Her interests besides politics and economics reside in the arts and psychology. She’s attended several conferences and hopes to learn something new from future experiences yet to come.