International Court of Justice
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The ICJ functions differently when compared to other committees, it functions as the legal and judiciary body of the UN. It functions as both a mediator between states in conflict that have looked to it for such, as well as a legal consultant and advisor on matters concerning international law. The court does not function as a ‘punisher’ but rather a legal framework for international laws that permeate through to UN member states. Delegates here are far more free in how they as judges handle the issues brought before them. They must however have some form of legal back up to the verdicts and interpretations they draw upon during cases. 


Nicaragua vs US (Military and Paramilitary Activities in and against Nicaragua

Somalia vs Kenya (Maritime Delimination in the Indian Ocean)

About the Chairs

Azmi Chahal

chair     [email protected]
Welcome to AUDMUN! Azmi Chahal is a sophomore in the American University of Sharjah, majoring in Electrical Engineering. His interests vary from general sports to video games, but MUN is one of his most serious and humbling hobbies. MUN has given him a lot of social and public experience, as well as helped him improve as a speaker. Every conference he ever attended has been a very fruitful adventure. With AUDMUN approaching, he hopes to fulfill this conference’s hopes and goals, and wishes he has a successful weekend.

Kamel Samara

chair     [email protected]
Kamel is a first year medical student at the University of Sharjah. He has always been enthusiastic about MUN ever since he participated back in 2014. This introduced him to the wonderful world of international relations and global politics. Moreover, it helped him develop his debating skills and grow his confidence. This will be his fifth MUN conference and his second chairing experience. His other hobbies include reading, playing cards, and hanging out with friends. He looks forward to meeting you all!

Sakshi Pitre

chair     [email protected]
Sakshi is currently in Grade 12 studying at The Indian High School, Dubai. She is an enthusiastic MUN’er and has been a part of the MUN community for the past 3 years and has gained experience as a delegate as well as a member of the executive board. She is highly passionate about debating and her interest in politics led her to join the world of MUN. According to her, MUN is a platform where student delegates experience a world of politics, socio-economic and international relations and allow their voices to be heard. She believes in the power of the youth and their capability to change our world for the better. She has always been amazed by how the MUN conferences portray the varied viewpoints of delegates and the interesting solutions that are discussed to solve worldwide issues. She loves to challenge herself constantly and takes efforts to research and understand issues she finds fascinating. She views this conference as a perfect opportunity for delegates to enhance their leadership, public speaking and diplomacy skills as well as test their abilities in debate and crisis resolution. She looks forward for a wonderful experience this November 2018!