United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

The UNODC works to assist member states in their struggle against illicit drugs, crime, and terrorism. The committee resolved to intensify efforts to counter the world drug problem and to take actions against international terrorism. The committee handles topics and issues that relate to the international drug trade and the problem of crime and terrorism.


Issue of Fraudulent Medicine

Transnational Operations of Human Trafficking with a Focus on Sexual Exploitation

About the Chairs

Aakanksha Mathur

chair     [email protected]
Aakanksha Mathur is an AS Level student studying at The Winchester School Jebel Ali. She has been doing MUN for the last 3 years, covering 8 conferences, and has trained various students in her own school. She enjoys participating in extra-curricular activities such as: MUN, Debates and Public speaking. She has a passion for learning and understanding how the world works from different perspectives in her pursuit to becoming a Global Citizen.

Sajal Hanif

chair     [email protected]
An MBA graduate, originally from Pakistan and now settled in Dubai, Sajal is the Committee Director of United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime at AUDMUN this year. For her, it all started in Pakistan. Her interest in MUNs were sparkled due to her strong belief of argument for betterment through hearing varying perspectives, especially ones that do not align with her own which opened her mind to endless possibilities. From a shy first timer delegate to an inspiring Chair, Sajal has made a leap across the spectrum of human behavior ever since her MUN career started. From the very beginning, Sajal possessed a flare for debating and a desire to prove herself. A love for taking up challenges brought her towards what would later become an inspiration for diplomacy in her life. Sajal believes that MUNs have taught her the importance of intelligent discourse and instilled in her the power of successful negotiation. She is certain about her aspirations for the future. Fond of meeting new people, she is both curious and excited about her first MUN experience in Dubai

Emad Toubar

chair     [email protected]
Emad Toubar is one of the chairs in UNODC. He is a sophomore studying computer engineering at the American University of Sharjah. Emad has been participating in MUN since the eleventh grade, first joining as a delegate on the Committee of Science and Technology for Development. Since then, he has been a delegate in the Security Council, and most recently, a moderator in WHO during AUSMUN 2018.