Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

This committee aims to accelerate the economic growth, social progress, and cultural development in the region. It promotes regional peace and stability in the relationships among the countries of the region. It is built on the principles of mutual respect for the independence and territorial integrity. It discusses all topics related to the nations of Southeast Asia.


The Effects of Economic Growth on Religion

Human Trafficking and Forced Labor

About the Chairs

Sara Huneidi

chair     [email protected]
Sara Huneidi is currently a sophomore at the American University in Dubai majoring in Digital Production and Storytelling. Sara first decided to give MUN a shot during her Junior year at High School. She had no idea what this journey would bring with it, but she was always up for a challenge. That first conference sparked a deep interest within her towards MUN, and she decided to attend as many conferences as she could as a delegate. Later on, she took on several positions as a chair in conferences such as AUSMUN and AMSIMUN. Sara looks forward to meeting brilliant people at this year's AUDMUN conference and to witness lively debates during the committee sessions.

Madia Mohammad

chair     [email protected]
Madia is a second-year undergraduate studying International Relations and minoring in Psychology. Being involved in MUN has allowed her to discover her passion for diplomacy, global affairs, and negotiation. Outside of MUN, Madia spends her time reading up on feminist and political theory, watching horror movies, and drinking coffee. She cannot wait for all the fruitful and lively discussions this committee is expected to yield!