International Monetary Fund
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The IMF has its main focus on ensuring nations around the globe in order to control financial assets and regulate economies on a regional and global level. The committee focuses more on maintaining stability in the world economy rather than promoting direct growth. The committee is part of the larger “Bretton Woods Institutions” that were established in 1944. Delegates will discuss topics ranging from international trade to regional economic programs in order to meet the committees more advanced and complex financial goals.


Mitigating Economic Inequality Between Nations

The State of the Global Economy Following Brexit and Catalonia

About the Chairs

Rizana Mariyam

chair     [email protected]
Rizana Mariyam is a junior International Studies student with a minor in psychology from the American University of Sharjah. As a student, she has been involved in numerous model UNs and taken up different positions such as delegate, chair, moderator and page. She strongly believes that MUN has the ability to change participants’ perspective on international organizations and their effectiveness in global issues. She is really excited to work along AUD and is looking forward to a great conference.

Karim Gadallah

chair     [email protected]
Karim is an engineering student in the University of Wollongong in Dubai. Being an Egyptian, he has taken a lot of interest in politics due to the political climate in his home country. After attending his first conference, he became very interested and passionate about MUN, and started attending conferences, just for individual benefits, but for the spirit of the community. It might be his first time as a chair, but he has attended 6 MUN conferences as a delegate, which gives him enough experience to understand the struggles of being a delegate. He is very confident in his ability to lead, and is very excited for the experience.