International Atomic Energy Agency
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

This committee is widely known as the world’s “Atoms for Peace” organization. It is the international centre for cooperation in the nuclear field. The committee works to promote the safe, secure, and peaceful use of nuclear technologies.


Monitoring and Verification in Iran

Strengthening International Cooperation with Regards to Nuclear Facilities

About the Chairs

Raj Mithani

chair     [email protected]
Raj is a junior at the American University of Sharjah, majoring in Civil Engineering, and double minoring in Engineering Management and International Studies. His main interests are Indian Politics and International Relations. He has been to several MUNs with the most recent being the National Model United Nations, New York in March 2018 where his team was awarded the Outstanding Delegation award. He also chaired the GA2 committee in the 2018 AUSMUN this past February. This is the first time Raj participates in AUDMUN as a committee chair. He is keen on meeting with the delegates and having another exhilarating conference.

Aman Sandhu

chair     [email protected]
Aman is a student at the American University of Sharjah studying Design Management and Product Design. She has been to multiple MUN conferences as a participant and chairing in five conferences. She enjoys conversations involving the fair treatment of animals, human rights and coffee.

Sharath Nambiar

chair     [email protected]
Sharath is currently a senior at the Indian High School, Dubai. Aspiring to later work in the Law and International Relations sector, he has an avid passion for MUN. He has multiple chairing and delegate experiences in committees ranging from DISEC, to HRC, to the Supreme Council of Sovereign States. He has always regarded MUN to be a perfect forum for debaters to portray one’s true colours. His other interests include reading historical adventurous fiction, painting his emotions, and giving unlicensed therapy.