Disarmament and International Security
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

This committee is the first General Assembly of the United Nations. It considers all disarmament and international security matters relating to the powers and capabilities of all other UN bodies. It discusses general principles of cooperation in the maintenance of international peace and security as well as the principles of governing regulating armaments.


Preventing the Weaponization of Space

Terrorism in the Mediterranean and Central Europe

About the Chairs

Adith Pathmanathan

chair     [email protected]
A vivid science student currently doing his final year in the CBSE board. He believes that MUNs provide the best platform to enrich one's dynamic understanding of the world, interact with new peers, gain diverse perspectives in life and enjoy free food. Having various MUN experiences both as a delegate and a chair in various committees ranging from Security Councils to Crisis Committees, he is set to instigate interesting debates as well as bring fun to committee sessions. He assures the delegates that this conference will be delightfully memorable.

Zain Hussein

chair     [email protected]
Zain is a Sophomore studying Industrial Engineering at the American University of Sharjah. She joined MUN in her junior year in high school viewing it as an opportunity to overcome her stage fright. She sure achieved that and gained interest in MUN and was awed by how these conferences bring people from different nationalities and ages to discuss topics of great importance. Zain participated as a delegate in two conferences and this would be her second chairing experience. She is looking forward to meeting you all and wishes you good luck!