World Trade Organization
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in dealing with the rules of trade among the international community. It establishes agreements concerning the trade in the international markets that are negotiated and signed by the trading nations. Its goal is to help producers, exporters, and importers conduct their business efficiently.


Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Properties Rights and Access to Medicine

Methods of Improving Work and Trading Conditions Within the Global South

About the Chairs

Marina Markarian

chair     [email protected]
Marina Markarian is currently a senior in high school and is devoted and fervent about MUN and politics. She enjoys debating and is always eager to learn new things through different methods and people. MUN has always been a constant source of positivity in her life that has come to build a self-assured student. On the personal side, Marina is very passionate about reading and writing. She aims to major in International Relations and minor in Political Sciences and aspires to join the UN in the near future. Marina also enjoys learning new languages and currently knows 4 languages fluently and intends to learn two more and her favorite dessert is brownies. She can’t wait to watch the debate unfold and meet new people during the AUDMUN conference. Best of luck to everyone

Ishan Raj

chair     [email protected]
As a member of the dais WTO and having done 13 MUN’s the dais strongly believes that the AUDMUN 2018 conference will be a forum for ideas and discussion of solutions for pressing, very real problems that affect countries around the world. The dais hopes to allow delegates the opportunity to gain the skills of diplomacy in addition to experiencing an event that will widen their perspectives. In addition, the dais hopes that delegates will engage with other delegates from diverse backgrounds who harbor different opinions. Through these interactions, delegates will have to learn to amalgamate into their own ideas when brainstorming for resolutions for the various issues they will be debating on. With that being said the dais wishes all delegates the best for AUDMUN 2018.

Salma AlJayyousi

chair     [email protected]
Public speaking and debating were always Salma’s forte. Although AUDMUN will be Salma’s 4th official MUN, she has enjoyed both moderating and being a delegate and has won a “Best Speaker” award on her first MUN at AUS. Lastly, Salma will pursue a career in law in an effort to make change in a world where every act of kindness is much needed.