Food and Agricultural Organization
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

This committee is specialized in international efforts to defeat hunger. Its goal is to achieve food security and make sure that people have regular access to high-quality food. It discusses issues directly related to the food security and availability to the poor and the well-off.


Conflict, Migration and Food Security

The Spread of the MERS Coronavirus through Livestock in the Middle East

About the Chairs

John ElKhoury

chair     [email protected]
John Elkhoury is a Senior at Al Mawakeb School – Al Barsha, he has been in MUN for 4 years, and has always improved during his years in it, MUN isn’t just a competition, it’s a way of socializing and communicating with others in a way that improves one’s abilities in talking with others and speaking in public. John is really excited to chair, for he loves to meet new people, he also hopes to see some fine debates in his committee, and to let others know that only because they might be new to MUN, doesn’t mean they should be hesitant or timid.

Anoushka Arora

chair     [email protected]
Anoushka Arora is currently a Junior at the Indian High School, Dubai and is studying Legal Studies and Economics. She has been a part of almost 20 MUN’s and specializes in Crisis based committees. Beyond Debate she’s fond of playing her Saxophone, Binging TV shows and lots more. This will be her 5th time chairing, but nonetheless she will make sure to make this your best MUN whether its your first or 20th!

Aya Abdelghany

chair     [email protected]
Hailing from the country also known as "mother of the world", Aya is an Egyptian with Bulgarian roots. Fortunately, she was born and raised in the city of life and opportunities, Dubai. She is currently a junior at AMS- Al Garhoud with a drive that fuels her passion. She began her MUN journey three years ago and has attended a plethora of conferences including: AUSMUN 2017, AUDMUN 2017, HMCMUN 2018, and AUSMUN 2018. Although her preferred area of major would lean more towards the scientific matter, she is rather keen on persisting her MUN journey, in which through it, she can further delve into the politics that has always seemed to intrigue her. During her free time, she either indulges in a book, watches TV shows, or shops. She hopes that this conference will be a fruitful one where each individual gains something profound and memorable out of it.