Social, Cultural, Humanitarian Committee
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

 This committee is the third General Assembly of the United Nations. It is tasked with issues surrounding social, cultural, humanitarian, and human rights from around the world. Issues discussed within the committee include: human rights, global literacy, women’s rights, children’s rights, refugees, drug control, crime prevention, and the elimination of racism and discrimination. SOCHUM works closely with other UN bodies to address the issues effectively.


Migrant's Rights and Xenophobia in Europe and the United States

Extrajudicial Killings

About the Chairs

Ghazal Saeed

chair     [email protected]
Ghazal is Syrian and has lived her entire life in Dubai. Her extreme passion for MUN was discovered in high school when she participated in many conferences, such as AUSMUN, AUDMUN and HMC, that opened her eyes on all the complications happening around her globally. Although she is a medical student at MBRU, Ghazal continues to follow her passion for debate, diplomacy and politics by participating in many conferences nationally. For Ghazal, MUN is an opportunity to excel one’s public speaking and research skills and not to mention a chance to meet new friends. With that, she looks forward to meeting you all!

Aliaa Diab

chair     [email protected]
Aliaa is a junior studying mechanical engineering at the American University in Dubai (AUD). She was first involved with MUN in high school, when she attended the Harvard Model Congress as a delegate. Witnessing the breadth of perspectives and opinions presented in MUN conferences, Aliaa considered it essential to be involved in humanitarian, economic and sociopolitical issues. Ever since, Aliaa has taken part in the planning of the Harvard College in Asia Program at AUD, and has lead the her team debating public health policy at Harvard College. Besides debate, Aliaa heads the Women in Engineering Club and is an active member of the Peer Health Educators Club.

Aditi Kichloo

chair     [email protected]
Aditi is a year 11 student and she is honored to serve as your chair at AUDMUN’18. She has a keen interest in biology and genetic engineering and hopes to pursue the same in the future. She is also passionate about music, reading and history. She has been an active participant in MUN and is a dedicated member of the community. She looks forward to three days of vigorous debate and active participation from her delegates and she looks forward to meeting all of you in November.