Special Political & Decolonization
Difficulty: Intermediate

About the Committee

The Special Political & Decolonization Committee  is one the six main general assembly committees in the United Nations. It handles suggestions solutions for the United Nations and the member states on how best to address the issues of the colonized people. The committee can discuss issues varying from de-colonization and self-determination to peacekeeping. SPECPOL holds a very unique role in the United Nations. It is concerned with helping to heal countries from their painful pasts.


Resolving the Status of the Remaining Non-self Governing Territories

Privatization of Space

About the Chairs

Rasha Darra

chair     [email protected]
Rasha is a chemical engineering sophomore at the American University of Sharjah. She has participated in five MUN conferences either as a delegate or chair and holds a number of awards. She enjoys MUN and the new experiences it provides and has a passion for basketball.

Mohamed Faris

chair     [email protected]
Faris is currently a senior at The Indian high school, Dubai. He has completed 10 MUNs and has been part of committees from the International press corps to the Security Council, as a delegate, chair and secretariat member, and each experience has taught him something new and exciting. His interests are topics and committees that deal with issues regarding territorial disputes, as they address controversial political agendas of countries, and not to mention the heated debates that boost his adrenaline. He does hope that you have a great time in committee where you can learn and have fun and feel free to contact him if you have any queries. He can't wait to see you all!

Omar Hani

chair     [email protected]
An imaginative writer and and motivating leader, Omar is currently studying to complete an AS level course as a senior in the Winchester School, Dubai. With a profound interest in public speaking, debate and MUN, he has participated in numerous conferences as both a delegate and a chair, garnering valuable experiences along the way, which provide him the necessary confidence in his ability to conduct and facilitate a constructive and successful committee session and allow every delegate to achieve their personalized development goals at the conference.