Security Council
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

The principle UN body that is aimed in ensuring worldwide peace and security among nations. The organ is made up of 5 permanent states and 10 rotating members that tackle challenges related to global stability, conflict and crises between nations. The body deals with securing ceasefires and diplomatic ties. However, is authorised to use strategic military intervention as well as sanctions in order to broker peace if necessary. Delegates will tackle issues ranging from counterterrorism to humanitarian issues including genocide.


Countering the Taliban and ISIS in North Afghanistan 

The Future of Cyber-security and Cyber-warfare

About the Chairs

Nasser Ali

chair     [email protected]
Nasser Ali Anwahl is an Emirati senior International Studies student at the American University of Sharjah. Over the past 4 years, Nasser has worked extensively within the MUN field, participating in over 10 conferences while also founding the American University of Sharjah Model Congress. His passion for the UN has led him to even seek an internship working for the UN across the previous summer where he moderated numerous sessions and debates within the UN. He looks forward to chairing at this years AUDMUN and working with the delegates to foster a lively debate.

Youssef Eyad

chair     [email protected]
Youssef, born in Cairo, is an International Law and Political Sciences student at the Paris-Sorbonne University. Youssef's MUN journey started when he was only 13 at DIAMUN'12 and he has been to 16 other conferences since then. He fell in love with MUN ever since he first began and has filled different roles in different committees such as chairing, defending cases as an attorney and judging at ICJ and also as the Founder and Secretary General of his high school's MUN Club. He also serves as Secretary General of PSUADMUN. Youssef is most interested in international relations, politics, diplomacy, psychology and last but definitely not least, gaming. Oh, and food. Definitely food.