Historical Crisis Committee
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

This committee is focused on historical events within the 20th century that caused major world or regional upheaval. The goal of this body is to solve and manage these crisis within the historical context they take place in. Delegates will have to work with assets available at the time but will have to be innovative in how they apply them. Topics will centre around pivotal moments like the Berlin Airlift to the Bosnian Genocide.


The US Civil War

The Problem of Recognizing CSA as a Belligerent (1861 - 1865)

About the Chairs

Yaman Hukan

chair     [email protected]
Yaman is a medical intern who is passionate about History and Politics. His passion for politics and international relations has grown ever since the beginning of the Arab uprisings which led him to seek to understand how politics shape the lives of individuals, and explore the relationship between modern day politics, religion, and historical influences. He considers MUN as the perfect tool that helps in bridging the gap between youth and policy making at the international level, as he considers youth engagement essential in reaching global peace as enshrined in the UN charter. His most notable MUN experience was in Harvard World MUN which took place in Rome where he had a chance to listen to Matio Rinzi, the former Italian PM, as well as the Pope of the Vatican. He is also passionate about travelling and understanding cultures. He enjoys meeting new people from around the world, discussing new ideas, and sharing experiences. Aside from that, Yaman is an elections analyst at Europe Elects media platform and covers Slovenian Elections. Yaman is looking forward to his experience as a chair of the Historical Crisis Committee and hopes it will be a fruitful experience for all delegates in the committee.

Abdulla Nidal

chair     [email protected]
Abdulla is a 3rd year medical student in the University of Sharjah of Palestinian origins. 20 years young, born and raised in Kuwait for 9 years before moving to the UAE for high-school where he was first exposed to MUN which later became one of his passions; along with photography, video gaming and curiosity.