Historical Crisis Committee
Difficulty: Beginner

About the Committee

This committee is focused on historical events within the 20th century that caused major world or regional upheaval. The goal of this body is to solve and manage these crisis within the historical context they take place in. Delegates will have to work with assets available at the time but will have to be innovative in how they apply them. Topics will centre around pivotal moments like the Berlin Airlift to the Bosnian Genocide.


Iranian Hostage Crisis

Berlin Blockade

About the Chairs

Ali Malek

chair     [email protected]
Ali Malek is a recent high school graduation and aspiring writer. He started M.U.N in 2015 and has since gone to 5 conferences, in and out of the UAE, and chaired 2 in his high school. He is very excited to be chairing the Historical Crisis committee and awaits meeting all the bright delegates and future diplomats.

Sara AlSaeed

chair     [email protected]
Sara Alsaeid is an International relations student studying at the American University of Sharjah. Her MUN journey started while she was in high school, where she initiated and organized her school’s first participation at MUN. Following that, she attended several conferences where she won titles ranging from the best delegate to outstanding delegation. She has also previously chaired the social, culture and humanitarian committee at AUDMUN3.0. Along with her interest in politics, Sara is a great chef and an even greater series binge-watcher