Recent Crisis Committee
Difficulty: Advanced

About the Committee

This committee will deal with issues that have had a worldwide impact in the last 10 years. Discussions will require sound understanding of these events and an ability to tackle complex issues from a variety of angles. Information accuracy will be necessary in order to achieve stable and suitable outcomes.


Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar 

North Korea and Nuclear Security in Northeast Asia

About the Chairs

Najwa Hubeishy

chair     [email protected]
Najwa Hubaishy is an Undergraduate student in the American University of Sharjah, a sophomore , majoring in International Relations and Political Studies. Hubaishy will currently be chairing in the upcoming AUDMUN , serving as the Crisis comittee chair. Najwa Hubaishy has been to up to 11 MUN conferences through the past years , both as a delegate and chair , and this made her acquire and become knowledgeable of the MUN process and familiar with the atmosphere

Sara Adam

chair     [email protected]
Sara is a medical student at the University of Sharjah. She has pursued her interest in politics through all types of Model UN and by being an active member of the current UOSMUN team. She believes that MUN recognizes and enthuses our world's unsung heroes! Other than MUNs and NMOs, Sara enjoys ice-skating, multicultural gatherings and horror movies.

Shivali Mathur

chair     [email protected]
Shivali, an Indian by birth, was brought up in different countries including Dubai and Bahrain, hence exposing her to a coherent cultural and socio-economic understanding. She is currently in her junior year, pursuing a Bachelor of Architecture degree at AUD. Shivali is a passionate and hardworking student, whose goal is to become a successful architect and designer. She exhibits enthusiasm, is articulate with a positive attitude and relishes the experience of MUN, having attended four conferences previously in high school and at AUD, along with a unique opportunity to attend HCAP (Harvard College in Asia Program) as a delegate representing UAE. Her interests go beyond just art and architecture including debating, organizing events and leadership. Shivali is a confident and optimistic person as well as always strives for productivity with affirmative results in everything she does as a team or as an individual.