United Nations Human Rights Council

About the Committee

This committee is responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of all human rights around the globe. It also addresses any violation of human rights and makes recommendations on them. It discusses the issues that are related to human rights and gets together to admit one resolution.


  1. Should the Right to Food be Legally Binding?
  2. The Conflict of Assault on Young Kids

About the Chairs

Madia Mohammad

chair     madia.abdullah@gmail.com
Madia is a junior majoring in International Relations at Zayed University. Her MUN journey began at high school, and her passion for it has endured until today. When she is not feeding her fervour for feminist/political/legal theory, diplomacy, and global affairs in her classes, she brings it to life through her participation in MUN conferences, both as a delegate and a chair. Outside of academia, she can easily be found in a bookstore, looking for the next book to cherish, or at an art gallery, marvelling at works of art. She is looking forward to the fruitful debates this committee will yield!

Duraan Miskinyar

co-chair     duraan@yahoo.com
Duraan is a highschool senior from Ras Al Khaimah currently in his second year of the IB diploma. His current interests revolve around American politics, Engineering, and rowing. He has been doing MUN since the tenth grade and hopes to help all new and seasoned delegates have an enjoyable conference.

Ibrahim Mohammed Aljarman

co-chair     Ibrahimalj12@gmail.com
Ibrahim is a senior student at Wesgreen International, and a long-time participant in the MUN program, having attended conferences all over the UAE. Characteristically a reserved student, he enjoys participating the most in Sociology and History courses. A first-time chair for the MUN program, prospective MUN delegates need not worry, as Ibrahim is dedicated to helping make the experience a fruitful and enjoyable experience for all. Espousing a lifelong appreciation for the program, and the time and time again proven belief in the program’s unifying and educative nature, he will do his best and twice more to ensure that everyone involved, from his co-chairs to the delegates he assists can all experience MUN to it’s fullest potential, and give back to the program what it has given to him many times before.