Security Council

About the Committee

The principal UN body that is aimed at ensuring worldwide peace and security among nations. The organ is made up of 5 permanent states and 10 rotating members that tackle challenges related to global stability, conflict and crises between nations. The body deals with securing ceasefires and diplomatic ties. However, is authorised to use strategic military intervention as well as sanctions in order to broker peace if necessary. Delegates will tackle issues ranging from counterterrorism to humanitarian issues including genocide. 


  1. Illegal Drugs Trafficking
  2. The Situation in the Central African Republic

About the Chairs

Tala Al Otaibi

chair     talaotaibi@hotmail.com
Tala is currently studying International Relations and Psychology at the American University of Sharjah. She is one of the founding members of the AUS Model Congress and is its Chief of Staff. Her MUN journey began during her junior year of high school. She has participated in 11 conferences since then, with AUDMUN 2019 marking her 12th conference and her 8th chairing experience. Tala believes that MUN is an excellent way of bringing people together. She also believes that it is a strong measure in order to help develop debating and research skills. She is very excited to meet and work with you all in October!

Asutosh Pattanayak

co-chair     founderuyc@gmail.com
Asutosh Pattanaik is currently studying for Commercial Pilot License in Flying Academy Miami, but he is originally from Dubai, UAE. A former UN Youth Ambassador and the Co-Founder of United Youth Circuit, a youth organisation which currently has members from over 70 different countries and aims to have members from all around the world and become one of the best Youth Organisations in the world by 2020. He is also the secretary-general of the prestigious Arab Youth International MUN Dubai which is a flagship conference of UYC and set to be the biggest conference in MENA Region. Apart from this, he is an inspirational speaker and has successfully spoken in various types of youth conferences, TEDx and BIL Conference. He recently became the Director and COO of Zueth Petroleum, the first petroleum company supported by the ministry of energy in Harrare, Zimbabwe. He has been a part of Model United Nations Circuit for the last eight years and has attended MUNs all over the globe. He also owns a Fashion Company called Tarif. He is also proud to be an ardent Polo player and a traveller. During his school career, he was fortunate to be able to study in countries like China, India, Tanzania, United Kingdom, UAE, and South Africa. He aims to be a change agent and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Sara Toofail Ahmed Vidha

co-chair     saratoofail3152@gmail.com
Sara Vidha is a sixth former with science as her main interest. She is delighted that her delegates have decided to spend their time, during a crucial period, where they will be faced with the pressures of academics and simultaneously strive to work harder as they all compete in promoting the agendas of their allocated nations along with working hand in hand with their peers to provide a longstanding, majority consensual solution. During the three days of the conference, she hopes that her delegates all grow into better versions of themselves, as they network, confide, plan and execute. She hopes the best for your preparations and looks forward to a fruitful and excellent debate as well as efficient state-craft throughout this conference!